Monday, September 8, 2008

Tim Cheveldae Signed Team Canada Jersey

On SAT of the Canadian Hockey Fan Fest, I had 15 mins to check out who was
signing before I had to Usher at a wedding where my wife was the a
bridesmaid. I walked up expecting Tim Cheveldae, he was not there. The fellow working the front said this is Gary Peters, 1964-65 Stanley Cup
winner. I asked him to sign my Team Canada jersey, he was cool and did. He showed me his Stanley Cup with the Montreal Candiens team names. Richard, Believeu, Ferguson, among others. Ok, I thought, you have my respect now.
LOL....I thanked him and zipped off to the wedding 3 blocks away. Did my job as usher and raced back for Tim Cheveldae at 5:00. He was really cool, signed a puck and my jersey. Got a really neat pic with him and off I went
to be at the reception at 5:30. My wife asked what I did in between and laughed when I told her. 3 really great NHL alumni! PS>>>These Team Canada Jerseys sign real nice, inexpensive and no Canadian hockey player ever turns down signing these!

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