Monday, September 8, 2008

Mike Babcock-Stanley Cup

Well, after a 2 hour wait in the blazing sun, a red truck drove up with the Stanley Cup on the back. People rushed to get pics of the Cup. As a Canadian, yah its pretty cool to see that trophy. I got some really cool pics of it, including one with Mike standing right in front of it. The keeper of the Cup was on hand, Mike Bolt. His job is to travel with the Cup, but more in charge of the security. Mike was greeted by many and then back to the line. We know the game so we were there 1 hour early, about 20th in line, in front of 300 people waiting for a picture with the Cup, proceeds going to the children's hospital. 15 bucks for a pro 8x10 with it.
My wife and I put our arms around it and smiled! Mike was signing for people off to the side so we got in another line. They were selling Red Wing merchandise so I bought a couple of pucks, a poster and had a Wings jersey and photo in my bag. They announced only 1 item per person, never
thought of that whilst I dropped $25 on merchandise. Oh well, money goes to charity. Well, remember my wife? WE get to Babcock, long story short, 3 things signed. Oh yah! Backed off the jersey; no more room!!!!We walked to a restaurant festival, had lunch and an hour later, I said we should go back
and see how many people are there. Grabbed my photo walked down there, 10 people in line, got it signed and we called it a day! Nice guy, very approachable chatted with people and it was a great cause. But I do hate the Wings....LOL

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