Thursday, December 31, 2009

Brandon Kozun shoot out winner

Have a look 3 posts ago, got him on a blank puck. Go Canada Go!

Rice, Kidd, Thorton, Snell, Falloon

Will post tomorrow, got lots more.

Steve Yzerman, Lowe and Kypreos

We got to the event early as usual but with the cold December air, this was a tough position. We waited at the door to see if we could catch them coming in, after about 5 minutes, freezing our butts off, a older guy came out asking what we were doing. We mentioned we were hoping to get some autographs of the guys when they came inside. He laughed and said that they were here for an early breakfast. So we walked back to the main doors to stand in line. TSN said they would let the people in when they were ready not at the scheduled 10:00 am. The doors opened and it was a mad rush to get inside. The tables were set up in a poor way, some dipsh*t working said some chairs were saved and by the time I walked around we were sitting 6 or 7 chairs back from the front. The crowd filled in and by 10:45 easily held 1500 people. Steve Yzerman and his crew walked out and the place went crazy. After the introductions, I realized the person walking with Steve at CUC two days earlier was Ken Holland, Wings GM. Hey, I'm not Wings fan...LOL...
After the media blitz, I tried to read where he would sign. We waited by the Sportsnet booth and noticed Nick Kypreos, of the 1996 New York Ranger Cup team, working. It took a little time for Nick to get setup and he told people he would come back to sign soon. We laughed when we saw what he has to do. At the table across from the Sportnet seats his kids were having lunch. He played 'dad' for a few minutes, making sure they did what they needed to do, even fixing an iPod for one son. He came back and signed for about 10 people. He signed my Leafs jersey with a blue sharpie, came out really nice, I thought. No one was talking to him, so as he was signing for others, I asked how his Christmas was. He smiled and said, "Great and how was yours?"
Well, I never get skunked.
I told my wife to stay at our post, walking to the other side of the stage. Steve was sitting getting ready for a CTV interview. I watched the interview and saw a bunch of kids on his right side. After a guys from Hockey Canada, handed him a sharpie and he started to sign. He stayed in one spot and signed for about 30 people. Myself not being one of them. I tried to get close but there was no physical way to get close, tables and too many people. So I headed back to the right side to wait. Kevin Lowe walked over signed for a few people and redeemed himself quickly in my books (see Edmonton VS New York game in Saskatoon). He signed my Team Canada practice jersey and we chatted for a bit. Really nice guy, hmm.
Back to Steve Yzerman again. He came over to the Sportnet booth to be interviewed by Darren Millard and Kypreos. He stood right in front of us, I thought this would work. When it was done, someone who I can not name stood in the VIP area asking for an autograph for her brother who plays in the NHL. Not cool. He walked away and told the crowd he would come back. He was being pulled 100 different ways by Hockey Canada, so in a way I did feel bad for him. CTV interview him on the other side again so we headed over there. Now, if you have read my blog, you know I am a strong believer in autograph karma. Some really loud guy hollers at me when I tried to get close along the wall.
He yells, "Hey the line is over here, go to the end!"
I laughed and walked to the back. I really hate bringing attention to myself during these times. So I watched Steve sign for many in that one spot, the loud mouth was still a ways back. I called my wife to see where she ended up. She told me where she was so I walked around to see her, right by the stage door. Steve was right there. I said nothing, laughed to myself but thought keep my mouth shut, she's in. Steve got to her and did a complete 180*. He told her he does not sign numbers. He signed for someone else and she said she sounded so heartbroken, telling him she was not going to sell it, it was for her husband. He said sorry he just doesn't do that. She is not a rookie at this by any means, so she asked if he could personalize it. He changed even the tone of his voice and said "Ok, sure."
He put 'Best Wishes Kolin, Steve Yzerman'
He put up a fuss, but came through in the end, and I walk away with a personalized Steve Yzerman jersey, it will be heat pressed today and stick next week. Karma baby, karma the loud mouth got nothing.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some pics of the pucks and stick

Team Switzerland's

Matthias Mischler game used goalie stick (broken)

New York Islanders Prospect, Travis Hamonic

Toronto Maple Leaf Prospect Nazem Kadri

Joran Eberle

Top Left to Right: Martin Gelinas, Kadri, Steve Tambellini, Eberle
Middle Row L to R: Hamonic, Brandon Kozun, and Martin Jones
Bottom Row: Slovakian Team Members, Jordan Eberle IIHF puck and Stephan Della Rovere

Monday, December 28, 2009

Better day today, Eberle, Kadri, Hamonic, Yzerman (kinda), Della Rovere, Kozun and Jones

Yes, even Stevie Y. Totally fluked this one, walked into a stairwell, looked to my left, Steve Yzerman with someone who looked like Tambellini but moved so quick, could not tell. I looked over and saw him, asked, "Hey man, how are you?" He looked at me and said, "Very good, and you?" I had a 2 second chance in the stairwell to ask him and he probally would have, but it happened so fast, I wanted to make sure I at least spoke to him. He made no secrets he was there, he walked with the rest of the people, but this is Saskatchewan, people saw him and just smiled. He was escorted up the stairs and I think went into the VIP area. People, this is hockey central for the next week. Pics of the goods and some game videos tomorrow.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Steve Tambellini IP

Ok, time for Mr. Tambellini now. A friend said he saw him in the building, I actually never believed him , just thinking he saw who he thought was Tambellini. We walked around thinking we would run into him; the friend even described his suit. We saw nothing and headed back to our seats. My wife laughed and said for me to look behind me, sitting there was Steve Tambellini and another Oiler brass guy. I knew that was not the time to ask so I waited for the second intermission. We could hear what they were talking about, so when the topic turned to the weather, I walked up and over. I asked if I could bother him for an autograph, my usual spiel. He said sure and I presented him with an Oiler puck. The other guys laughed and said something to the effect of, "He even has an Oiler puck, you have to sign that." I said I wanted Jordan to sign it but he signed a Team Canada puck instead for me. He looked at me funny and I said I was not a dealer just a collector. He asked me how many of these I had in my pocket. I said “Two more.” I said again, I was just a collector and the pucks for me. He then looked like he was just giving me a hard time for kicks and giggles. I did say Jordan Eberle looked really good yesterday, 6 points and all. Steve smiled and said, "That's good." I ended the night after my shift looking for broken sticks, getting skunked until I saw a goalie stick against the wall by the dressing rooms. I asked a few people and they said if it just got cleaned up that would be fine. It ended up to be Matthias Mischler of Switzerland. Undrafted so far. More tomorrow....

Martin Gelinas and Steve Tambellini IP

At the World Junior Game, Team USA vs Team Switzerland, we were there to watch before our shift started. We did our usual wandering around during intermissions and I spotted Gelinas just standing around. I approached him asking if I could bother him for an autograph. He said sure and signed my Team Canada puck. I explained I run a hockey memorabilia blog, not selling just collecting. He asked me what my most valuable item was. I said I got Tavares on a jersey this summer. He said he started collecting when he got into the league. He got sticks from the bigs like Gretzky, Messier and others. Then he got married had three kids and now no room in the house. We chatted for a bit longer and I thanked him. BTW, I asked him again if the puck was in in 04 and he said he thought it was. Flames fans get that one, still hurts a bit. I got the impression he would have chatted for a bit and I walked off. Will chat about Tambellini later.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jordan Eberle signed Team Canada puck

We were hanging around after the game, caught 6 members of the Slovakian team on a blank puck. Then Kadri stuck his head out signed for a few people but I missed him. I thought for a bit if he came out, someone else should too. Eberle came out, gave an interview and I asked him to sign. The pen was prepped but the graph did not come out 100%, but a graph is a graph. Pics to come, this post comes from my Blackberry. Later people...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hmmm, this might be harder than I thought

We attended our orientation today at CUC. Just as we walked in the door the coaches walked in behind us. They had a look that could drop many. Not the time...Even Ron Tugnut had a look. Ryan Ellis was walking around with Gabriel Bourque also. I have been doing this long enough to know today was not the time.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Reggie Leach and Fast Freddie

Well today was very unique hounding day. I headed down to the BHP Family Fest to get into some trouble. The Stanley Cup was on display all day, and for a cost of $10, with proceeds going towards the Children's Hospital Foundation, you walk away with an 8X10 print out. As soon as I walked over to the Cup, the line was long so I had to move quick. Jeremy Boyer of the Saskatoon Blades was signing at the First Nations Hockey booth. I had my Blades puck ready and snagged the first. Jim Neilson was standing around visiting so I approached for an autograph on a blank puck. He was very reserved so I just thanked him and stood back. Reggie Leach was introduced seconds later to another fellow so I waited to approach him too. I asked Reggie to sign my #7 and a Bruins puck, explaining I could not find a Flyers puck. I asked him to personalize it and he asked how to spell my name. We chatted for a bit and I then got picture with him. He went so far as to ask one of his friends to take our picture. Reggie rules, I tell you. Flash forward to the official autograph signing, I waited to get to Leach, still following my cardinal rule, "never get greedy", passing on autographs from all the guys again. I asked Leach to take a picture of his Cup ring. He said, "Sure". I did and heard him say something. I said, "Ok", and soon had his cup ring in my hand. He allowed me to put his ring on and he actually took the picture. Yes, Reggie Leach Conn Symthe winner, took this picture.

Next on the agenda was Fast Freddie Sasakamoose. I missed him at the Juno Cup in Prince Albert three years ago so this was kind of cool to finally catch him. I got him on a Team Canada puck, he was curious about the color of the pen. I told him it was silver and he asked where to sign it. I said anywhere on the logo would be fine. He had a real nice slow signature. He laughed and said he liked how that looked and said he should keep that one. If you have ever heard Freddie, you know he's a real card, really funny guy.

Now I had to get over to get my picture with the Stanley Cup. There was about a 10 minute wait and then another hour for the picture print. On my way out the door, Leach was eating some chips standing at the booth. I took my chance and walked over asking him one thing before I left. I asked Reggie Leach; Who was tougher, Bobby Clarke or him? He laughed and said, "Clarke was a (*&*^%". OMG, that was funny, kinda think he was half serious though. Hmm. The Keeper of the Cup, Phil Pritchard was walking around so I chatted with him for abit and got him on a Team Canada puck, he added "Keeper of the Cup" inscription. Christmas is coming soon but I tell you, this feels like Christmas to me aleady.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hawerchuk, Hull and St-Pierre

Day one of the Family Fest in Saskatoon brought some mixed crowds and some happy hockey people. I arrived early to check it out, not very many people, but lots to do. There were skills competitions for the kids; accuracy, rapid fire shooting and mini games hockey games. They had old Team Canada games on the big screen and NHL 2010 for the Xbox and Wii for people to play. The Hockey Hall of Fame have a few items setup, those pictures will be posted as soon as I can get them uploaded. Lots of Gretzky, Lemieux, Crosby and the coolest thing I have seen in a long time, Paul Henderson's goal stick. More of that to come. In the far corner, I was pleasantly surprised by the setup, there were memorabilia auctions and trophies set up for people to view. The Memorial Cup, RBC Cup, ART ROSS and Calder Trophies were all there for people to view take pictures of get their pictures taken and printed on the spot, proceeds going to the Children's Hospital. Hawerchuk was scheduled to be there at 6:00 but as most hockey people, was a few minutes late.  We spotted him wandering around looking at the displays. Hey, can't knock a guy for that. They set him up by the trophies, with a catch, For $10 you could get a picture with Dale and the trophies he won, the Calder and Memorial. Hey, that's a unique experience even for this hockey freak. They printed the pics out and Dale signed them. I managed to get a #0 signed, a Jets puck and a blank puck. I asked him to personalize the number and I got his HOF year and All the Best. I think that is a cool request, and players seem to add more for you too. The next day was Dennis Hull. Mr. Hull, I mean Dennis (he gave me heck for calling him Mr. Hull) signed for about 30 people, more of an older crowd too. I got 2 pucks, 1 Black Hawk and 1 blank plus a white #1. I got my picture with him taken by Gary Peters, 1965-66 Stanley Cup Champion with the Montreal Candiens. That's kinda cool to have a Cup winner take your picture. I also got Gary on a black puck, he put the Cup year and Canadiens name. Dennis was very cool, signed lots and had some good visits with people. The third day was suppose to be Hayley Wickenheiser, hockey godess in these parts. Withthe best female hockey player in the world signing today, it was not hard to get my wife to come down with me. But when we got there, we found out Haley hurt her back and was not able to attend. Oh-oh, my wife was a little ticked but not much you could do and with the Olympics around the corner, Haley take care of that back, please...Kim St-Pierre came in her place, Kim of course is the Team Canada goalie for the upcoming games in February. She signed my Team Canada jersey and puck, and my wife for her Team Canada puck signed. We both got pictures with her and walked off. There was a First Nations hockey booth set up near so we walked over to have a look. Craig McCallum of the Prince Albert Raiders (WHL) was signing, so I managed to get a blank puck signed. They had jerseys and cards set up of First Nations NHL current and former NHL players. Rich Pilon, Jim Neilson and Freddie Sasakamoose all had some and gone from the booth but I missed them. Today at 1:00, all the guys with Reggie Leach will be at the booth so that is today's task. More to come, its just getting started!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Time is Coming....

Ah yes, Christmas time is right around the corner. The best time of year, yes it -45 with the wind the last 3 days but Christmas is a almost here. As mentioned earlier this month, the IIHF has the World Junior Tournament in Saskatoon this year. So this week begins two solid weeks of hockey in our province. We have exhibition games all around the province, but starting Friday, there is a Family Hockey Fest at the Teacher's Credit Union Place. There will be hockey memorabilia, players such as Dale Hawerchuk, Dennis Hull, Haley Wickenheiser and some guy named Stanley. The Stanley Cup will be in town and accessible to fans on the Dec 21 and 22. Some of the Saskatoon Blades, our WHL junior team will be around the event. There is also a New Yeas day brunch with the 1991 Gold Medal Team Canada.  Steve Yzerman and his hockey people will announce the Canadian Olympic team in town on December 30.  At the junior games, there will be lots of players of all ages around, you just have to know your stuff and  know who's who.  What a two weeks this will be, lots of hounding to do but more so just get your fill of turkey, family and hockey....What a time....

Saturday, December 12, 2009

More Theo Fleury Videos

Yah I know, now I am on a Theo Fleury kick, check this video out, Theo speaking at a Moose Jaw Warrior banquet.  He has been to hell and back, but listen to him speak about hockey and hard work, he speaks with so much sense.  Theo Fleury

Thursday, December 10, 2009

All I Want for Xmas is a Stevie Y Jersey...

Any Canadian Hockey Freak out there, heard the announcement yesterday about Hockey Canada holding their announcement of hte 2010 Men's Olympic Team in Saskatoon on December 30.  Wings jersey on the way, Wings puck purchased, oh yah....The also confirmed today that Wayne Gretzky will be in attendance at the World Junior tournament over Christmas. I can not wait my friends, bring it on...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hound Line-Signed Photo

The infamous, Hound Line, Gary Leeman, Russ Courtnall and Wendel Clark.  They played together in Notre Dame and gained fame as the Hound Line.  If you know these players, you know why they got he name!

Dwayne Roloson Autograph Islanders Puck and Card

2006-07 Upper Deck Ultimate Signatures

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Theoren Fleury Signed Books and Jerseys IP

Cost of Theo's New Book $35

Cost of new Team Canada Jersey, $45

Getting your picture with a future Hall of Famer, Priceless....