Monday, September 8, 2008

Great Pull from the Bronx Tristar Hidden Treasures

I bought a Tristar Hidden Treasures Baseball on ebay curious about the
autograph baseballs with every package. I got the first one today,
and raced home to open it. It was a guy I had never heard of but cool
none the less. It was Denny Mclain, 3x AllStar, 1968 World series,
1968 AL MVP, 2x Cy Award Winner and 3x 20 Game Winner, plus the last
guy to win 30. and the ball is signed 68 Cy Al. Not a bad pull I
guess. Pricey packs with shipping, about $40 CAN. I have a Bronx
Yankee Pack coming next week. Of course with both packs the hidden
gem is a Ruth signed ball.

Well for me I thought it was cool. Dave Winfield, but no inscription,
his card with the ball was full but nothing extra on the ball. He was
on the Blue Jay team that won the World Series in the early 90's, so
for a Canuck, cool....
12x all star
1992 Babe ruth Award
1994 roberto clemente award
3000 hit club
465 career hr's
92 WS Champ
7x Gold Glove
HOF 2001
but nothing on the ball......oh well..

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