Monday, March 30, 2009

Wendel Clark signed Leafs Jersey

Wendel had a private signing with Frozen Pond in Concord, Ont so I sent in some items to get signed. He's a local boy so well worth it! Check his Leafs signed helmet here.

Miikka Kiprusoff Signed Flames Jersey

I jumped at the chance to send in some items for a private signing at Frozen Pond in Concord Ont. Miikka signed my jersey in silver paint pen. It did cost money but worth it IMO.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Boy Dion Phaneuf

Again he is like a little poodle, when you get him, you know he will make lots of mistakes before he learns. I am predicting, Dion Phaneuf will be on the ice for 3 Wild goals. He is making mistakes that the play by play guys even comment, someone of his ability should not be making. He has used his feather duster a lot this year.
PART 2: Calgary Defeats Minnesota 3 :2
Dion Phaneuf was on the ice for the both (2) Wild goals. He was even for the game though but as of tonight he is -13. He did play better and I do realize he is on the ice for most of the PP goals but to make a serious run in the playoffs, he needs to fix some things. There was a great 'After Hours' show with Eric Nystrom after the game. They showed his 'Slap Shot striptease' bit from Quad City last year. Great stuff...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gerry Cheevers-A really cool surprise IP

Well, no takers in my contest. My wife told me go for a walk before the game, last year brought me face to face with Bryan Trottier, this year I walked up to the main area and saw a table with someone signing autographs. I was curious right away and walked over. Gerry Cheevers was sitting there signing. But there was a cost of $20 for small item and $50 for bulky. I don't really have an issue paying for that, if that is to help him make a living so be it. Others appeared not to have my opinion. I had $20 in my pocket so I asked if I could have this picture, he noticed these were actuall $25 and I said I would have to get the $20 picture of him in the net. Gerry's manager said they were nice guys so take the mask one. I asked if he could personalize it and he said sure. He told me to let it dry so the paint pen would not run. I walked back to my seat and my wife laughed and said, yikes who was up there? I showed the picture and we had a good laugh. I walked by again, and asked him something about Don Cherry, he laughed and said some kind of smart remark.

Gaston Gingras and Tiger Williams Signed Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey

Signed by both Gaston Gingras (Cup Winner in 1986) and Dave "Tiger" Williams (Career Penalty Minute Leader-3966 Mins)

Gingras and Trottier Pucks added

Check it out, both pucks added in my Puck section.

Old Timer Hockey Challenge Jersey

These jerseys are $120 from the Old Timer Game and in between the first and second period, you can go down to the dressing room area and they will come out and sign it.
All the guys are so nice. They will chat with you, Billy Smith is really neat to talk to!
Ron Hogarth (NHL REF)
Dave "Tiger" Williams
Bryan Trottier
Billy Smith
Bob Bourne 2x's
Igor Kravchuk
Larry Melynk
Craig Muni
Ron Flockhart
Gary Leeman
Bernie Nicholls
Cliff Ronning
Rob Black
Second year that Trottier did not come down to sign, he usually stays out on the ice. No worries, he signs everything else. But Anderson did not sign either, when I asked my wife if he stayed on the ice, she said he went in with the other guys.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Edmonton Oilers White Jersey-IP

I bought the Old Timer jersey to get the chance to get the players to sign it at their dressing room. I always bring other stuff to get signed so I knew this would be relatively easy. I lucked out, Craig Muni, Larry Melnyk (boy those 2 boys are big), Igor Kravchuk and Bernie Nicholls were all waiting side by side. So they just passed the jersey down the line as the other players signed for the fans. I ended up getting Ron Hogarth and I think Gary Leeman on it which ticked me off because I had my Leaf jersey at my feet. I also got Ron Flockhart (Flyers) to sign it, he actually said "Oilers, yuck."
But no Anderson, he never showed. So back to the ice level for period 2. Anderson did not appear to sign many things if any at that time. I gave the jersey to my wife and asked her to get it as she was sitting by the edge. There was a plan with Anderson, he never seems to like signing jerseys that might just have him on it, like a #9 Home Oilers. But if someone else is on it like the other Oilers, he seems better at signing. My wife got his attention and he actually turned around, walked back to her and signed. She pulled the jersey up and he pulled it down, and told her it will sign much better on the logo. Cool, thanks Glenn. Alias, another Edmonton Oiler jersey to the collection. Remember people, I am 36 years old and from Calgary. You die hard hockey fans will get that one.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Skating with Gaston Gingras-one of the best-Stanley Cup Champ!

Before the game, everyone with a ticket had a chance to skate with some of the players, Gaston Gingras showed up which was cool, he was not scheduled to play. He is perhaps the nicest player I have ever met. I asked him if he coached and he said he only did clinics around North America. He said he just got back from Nunavut that morning and the weather was cold. We chatted for a couple of laps around the ice. He really promoted having fun playing the game. He cracked jokes and even playfully pushed me as we skated. Great great guy.
Something horrible dawned on me later that night. Gaston has won a Stanley Cup with Montreal in 1986. So that was cool to skate with a Cup winner. But in 1986, the Habs beat my Calgary Flames :( Ah, he was too cool to stay mad at him! Thanks Gaston!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bryan Trottier NY Islanders Jersey-IP

Do you ever get tired of getting a Hall of Famer on a nice looking jersey? Yah right!! How about 2 Hall of Famers? This jersey was the top priority because it being specially made. It was signed by Winnipeg Jet's tough guy Jimmy Mann first which I thought long and hard about, he never played for the Islanders but I thought what the heck. It turned out to be a very nice and clean auto, even with a happy face! I managed to get Trottier before the game so I was happy at least to get that signed. He even commented that Mann was on the jersey and never played for them. Laughing of course. Now, there are other Islanders playing so now was the challenge; Ronning, Smith and Bourne. Got them all. Smith is a really nice guy in person, don't remember that growing up. We manged to sit by the tunnel and some stupid kids in front of us, actually hit Billy in the head. Billy is not very tall so the kid had to reach down and smacked him in the head. He yelled at them but no parents to be found. Some other kid came up to the kid who hit Billy and said he was a mean goalie so smarten up. But good for Billy for yelling at them. Those Cup guys have a bind with that team and sign really nice on their jersey. Bourne signed my shoulder, not sure about that one but oh well.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mystery Goalie

Under my Sports Images on the right, I added images of our HOF Goalie. Add your guess under comments. The award, only bragging rights...Have fun!

Mission Accomplished

Wow, what a day. Four jersey signed, three pucks and tonnes of pictures.
I will post all soon, lots of NHL Hall of Famers, a surprise HOF goalie and some of the nicest players ever, even yes I will say it; Glenn Anderson.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

OK, here's the plan

On March 15, the NHL OldTimers have a charity game in town.
Here's a quick list of players:
And some others. I have all of the guys except Muni and Bodger. I have a Trottier Islanders jersey, white old school Oiler jersey, white Team Canada Jersey (these are easy to get signed) and some pucks. Most are easy signers but Anderson. :( I will have some pics of the game and players and will showcase any new items.