Monday, September 8, 2008

Missed Chance

Over the weekend, we went to see a Canadian tour golf event in our town.
Some rather big name began on the CAN tour, a good learning tour. We
attended the Friday round about 8:00 am. We watched some guys tee off and
noticed 3 guys hit rather large drives. So off we went and followed. No
other people just a rules official, their caddies and us. We followed for
what turned out to be their back 9. They were cool guys, acknowledged when
we clapped for birds or long putts. The one guy had a larger Taylor Made
staff bag. So after the round we walked in to the restaurant, and its not
the PGA so the guys ate with the spectators. The guys looked up and thanked
us for following them, we said hey it was fun and asked what they shot.
One shot 70 and the other 65. really cool guys again. now when we got back
home, we googled the guys to find out, the 70 was in the US Open last year,
and the 65 was on CAN's World Cup team, with oh yah, Mike Weir, see earlier
post. A real good chance for the PGA in a few years. oh well....

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