Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jim Vandermeer and Kent Nilsson

I traded my friend Sal from Sal's Hockey and Autograph Blog. It is weird getting TOPPS cards, when I collected in University and as a kid, in Canada we just dealt with OPC. I hope Jimmy V stays in Calgary, he is a smart player and tough as nails.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Paul Coffey Signed 1982-83 OPC Card TTM

This is the second item Coffey has signed for me TTM. Awesome! This is the exact card I tried to get signed at the Juno Cup in 2006.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Flames Last Regular Season Game

If you are a Calgary Flames fan, you need to see a home game. The intensity is insane, everyone wearing red and having a great time! This game was the last reg season meeting with the Edmonton Oilers, plus it was fan appreciation night so 20,000 people were given red clappers. You hear the guy next to me saying "Here they come, here they come..."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Craig Conroy for Calgary Mayor

As we watched the Flames warm up on Sat night, I noticed the fans draping jerseys and hats over the tunnel for players to sign as the left the ice. Iginla was the first off and just walked by everyone. More players did the same until Conroy. He stopped and signed all the items draped over. What a super guy... I did notice no ushers at the entrance to lower level. So it appears like people rush down there early, wait hoping to get something signed and then move to their proper seats. He played really well and took home second star of the game. This guy is 37 years old but is such a leader and great role model for younger players. Keep him in Calgary.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Well, almost....

We attended the Calgary Flames last regular season game on Sat night against those pesky rivals, the Edmonton Oilers. If you have ever seen a Flames home game, the "C of Red", is just that, 20000 people wearing Red Flames jerseys. We parked inside the grounds and started walking to the front doors. I noticed a bus beside the Dome with guys playing soccer. My wife asked who that was and I looked from about 100 yards and it was the Edmonton Oilers. I laughed and said if anyone sees me going down there, with a Flames jersey on for autographs, I won't make it out of here. It was a missed chance. We were also going to head down to the am practice for a chance but after the thrashing the Flames got Fri night, costing them the NorthWest title, I took a chance that they would not practice. I was right too. So during the game the "Oilers suck" chant began and I am from Calgary so they do suck but... One of the main chances of autographs for me out here, is the Jarret Stoll golf tournament in June. I have got lots of items signed and yes, they are mostly Oilers. I love my Flames but 10 of the Oilers will be here in June sitting down and signing anything you want for no cost. They are really cool guys....Yikes......
It was a really sad but neat game, it was a nothing game for the Flames so we knew Kipper would not play. Curtis McElhinney, who has not won a game, started. He played great, awesome stops, kinda looked like Kipper on some, hmmm....He won the game 4-1!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Saskatchewan Roughrider Stuff Signed IP

Nickelback is tonight so I will get the signed stuff up in my Rider section tomorrow. Great guys, Chris Szarka and Gene Makowsky. Grey Cup Champs 2007!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Miikka Kiprusoff Signed Flames Puck

Click here to view my Kiprusoff puck signed from Frozen Pond. Not the greatest signatures, I hoped he would sign across the puck but under the logo. However, I have heard of players purposely not signing on the logo. When I look on the Frozen Pond website, their Kipper pucks are signed the same way. Oh well....