Monday, September 8, 2008

NHL Hockey Fan Fest

Our exhibition is on this week, this year they had a setup called Hockey Fan
Fest, memorabilia, games, trophies all from Canadian Hockey Federation.
Sounded cool, Calgary had a whole what of Flames and Flames old-timers. We
checked it out today and it was ok at best for memorabilia. There was a
older fellow was sitting at the front desk. Over the intercom, they said
the autograph session has started, and Ralph Klassen of the St Louis Blues
will sign for 2 hours. I walked over got a team Canada jersey signed,
personalized and chatted for a bit. Never really heard of him but an NHL
graph is a NHL graph. After I got home, I learned he played 497 games in
the NHL in the 70's and 80's. So not a real name but a solid player in the
NHL. Tim Chevldae tomorrow.

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