Monday, September 8, 2008

IP Sask Roughrider

Today I had the chance to meet Kennedy Nkeyasen, a Safety for the CFL's
Saskatchewan Roughriders. Or the 2007 Grey Cup Champions, remember, they
could have beat the Patriots too....Anyway, he came to our school to speak
about literacy. He was a very energetic speaker and actually played some
touch football with the kids. Got some cool pics with him and he signed my
football and Rider hat. A good haul for the day....A grade 4 student wanted
to get more than 1 thing singed. There was 50 kids in line and he was mad
he could not get a few. I told him to be good for the autograph gods will
be good to him then. I will have to explain that one to him on Monday. I
honestly believe there are Autograph Gods as cheesy as that sounds. I have
never pushed more than I thought proper, and the next time, some NHL is
standing in the lobby with no one around. AT the Skins game 2 years ago,
one of the caddies asked my wife if she wanted Jack Nicklaus's autograph,
she said she did have it and the guy got it for someone else. The next day,
we were golfing at a nearby course and Steven Ames (#40 ranked player in the
world), who was also at the skins game, was in the parking lot of the
course. He walked over to us and chatted for 15 mins. It was 7:30 in the
morning! Does anyone else believe in this Autograph Karma?

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