Monday, January 26, 2009

Eddie Shack, Tiger Willams Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey-IP

This was an interesting project. I bought an old Maple Leaf jersey to get Eddie Shack to sign. At his event, he personalized it for me, spelled my name wrong (he learned to read and write late in life, so no biggie). So when we went to the Oldtimer game, there was a light show on the ice before the game. I walked over to the bench and tapped the glass. Gaston Gingras looked at me and I mouthed "Can you sign this for me?" He said, "Sure" and I threw it over. He signed it, walked down the bench and got other guys sitting down. He gave it back to me and I just smiled and said "Thanks".
The signers include:
Tiger Williams
Eddie Shack
Bob Bourne
Gaston Gingras
Billy Smith
Gary Leeman
Jimmy Mann
Ron Hogarth (REF)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bryan Trottier - Team Canada Jersey IP

While at last years NHL Oldtimer game in Saskatoon, we were waiting for the game to begin and I decided to take a walk around the arena. About 20 feet from where we were sitting was Bryan Trottier visiting with an older couple. I waited a few feet back and when they were finished, I walked over to Bryan and asked if I could bother him for an autograph. He replied, "Its never a bother." and smiled. I had my jersey on and sharpie in hand. He asked where to sign and I said the front would be great. I thanked him and he went down to ice level. Great and classy guy! BTW, I did get him on my Islander jersey but not the Oldtimer Jersey.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I bought my preseason tickets for the New York Islander vs the Calgary Flames on Sept 19. The seats are not great but its a small arena, Section 3 Row 10 Seats 1,2,3. That I liked; edge seats. Last time the Mighty Flames were in town, I heard from reports, the autographs were easy to get. The Islanders will be in town for awhile, with scheduled autograph signings. The Flames should be accessible, the 'assumed hotel' is close by. However, when the Flames were in Winnipeg last year, Iginla did not make the trip. He did come two years ago when the Flames were in Saskatoon so here's hoping...I must be Daddy Big Bucks (not), I also bought Islanders vs Edmonton Oilers tickets for the following night. Seats are again not great but it's NHL hockey.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

NY Islanders Coming to town in Sept 09

There was a story in the Saturday Star Phoenix today about the struggling both on and off the ice, Islanders coming to Saskatoon in September for training camp. It is no secret that the team is in an unpleasant situation with needing a new arena and lack of fan support. Nothing is official yet but Garth Snow should be arriving in town to announce the deal. The word is the Islanders will have 2 preseason games in Saskatoon with Calgary and Edmonton. Lots of autographs chances! Also, Saskatoon will be hosting the 2010 World Junior Tournament in December. Saskatoon will respond in a positive way for the Islanders, they have huge Saskatchewan ties.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Craig Conroy Signed Team USA Jersey

My niece got this signed for me while in LA a few years ago. It is actually a Team USA jersey (which was cheap to buy for signings) from 2004. Craig was super nice to her and singed it World Cup 2004 and his Team USA #33. I have thought about getting other American born players to sign it but not too many come this way for old timer games. The cat even likes Conroy!
Craig is having a great season with the Flames, if you watch the games on Sportsnet, TSN or CBC, they will interview him at least 50% of the time. He speaks well and he's great but we just get a kick when they pull him off to the side in between periods.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rob Schremp

This past June at the Stoll golf thing in Saskatoon, I had the unkind task of meeting Rob Schremp. He was at the end of the line behind Ethan Moreau and Micheal Garnett. I knew most of the guys in the line up but Schremp. I thought he was someone else and he started beaking at me. I just shook my head. At that time, Schremp had only played the 1 game in the NHL. I found out later he was a Youtube hero. Yes, very talented with the puck, while no one is checking him. So I laughed my arse off this week when Mr. MacTavish ripped Schremp for his lack of work ethic, desire and I guess a poor attitude. Hmm, I guess it wasn't me...I have a signed Schremp Oiler card of some sort. Someone can have it, for a nickel. That is what his memorabilia is and will always be worth. There, I just said that.

Calgary Flames Signed 2006 Jersey

This one comes from friend who was 'backstage' at one of the Flames games two years ago. Most of the main guys are there, Iginla, Kipprusoff, Phaneuf, Regehr, Amonte, Conroy, Warrener. It cost me for the jersey but well worth it!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cliff Ronning-Vancouver Canucks's Jersey IP

On the RBK Canuck's Away jersey is Cliff Ronning, Warren Skordenski and Jack Valiquette. All autos were in-person. Cliff will sign but won't go out of his way, wierd. Nice guy though, chatted about his broken hand against the Rangers in the Cup final. He flexed his hand and said it still bothers him, 10 years later.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Raffi Torres

This one is from AJ SPORTS from auction. Raffi is a nice guy. I got him on a couple of jerseys 2 years ago at the Stoll Golf thing. He is a big guy but is really cool.

Scott Hartnell Flyers Jersey-IP

Scott Hartnell is one heck of a hockey player and one heck of a nice guy. Got him at Stoll's Golf thing in Saskatoon.

Kelly Hrudey-IP

Again, a couple of years ago, we attended a charity event in Warman. We went to a "autograph session" at 4:00 to find out the event was canceled. I was not sure if I would get anything we went back to a friend's house to wait until 5:00. Sure enough, Hrudey came walking up the walk and we approached for a couple of autographs. Someone must have told him we were waiting, he was very accommodating for someone else's screw up. He introduced himself to us and signed my Islander and Kings jersey personalizing itI had a Silvertip Golf Course Polo Shirt on and he asked if I had played that. I said we were just at the Telus Skins game out there and played Silvertip the next day. We then starting talking about golf out in the Banff Alberta area for about 10 mins. My wife and her friend were kinda shocked, he was so nice. He asked if we were going to the dinner tonight and we had to apologize; we were in the process of building a garage. Super nice guy!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eddie Shack

At an Eddie Shack charity event in Saskatoon a few years ago, I was in line to meet Shack. The fellow ahead of me got somethings signed and Shack asked him if he wanted this t shirt the guys had signed for $20. The man said he had no more cash on him and had to decline. I walked up, bought some signed pics of Shack, got a puck signed and bought the t shirt for $20. The players who signed it included Dale Hawerchuk HHOF, Ron Flockhart, Richard Brodeur and Eddie Shack.

Juno Cup-Lots of Leafs, Manson, Courtnall, Leeman

This was from the 2006 Juno Cup in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. We attended the Juno's on Sun and the Juno Cup was Friday night. This was my first NHL jersey to be signed. I was not happy after the game because there seemed to be no chance at a signing. Russ Courtnall was signing at one of the gates so I draped my new Leaf jersey over and Russ signed it for me. I was then happy, I got one. We walked over to the door and there were people waiting. We found out that the players and singers came out that door. I ended up getting lots of singers and actors; Brent Butt, George Canyon, Richard Underhill, Andrew Scott, Sam Roberts and Brent Fitz. The NHL'ers were Russ Courtnall, Bob Probert, Gary Leeman, Mike Pelyk, Tim Cheveldae & Dave Manson. I missed Paul Coffey and Wendel Clark, that sucked not getting Clark on a Leafs jersey. Probert looked at me and I said, "Yah I know.."(he didn't play for the Leafs) Bryan Glynn walked by and signed for no one. He is police officer now so maybe something came up in town. This was the easiest jersey to get signed, I was 1 of 40 people who had sharpies! The players were asking me to borrow mine to sign other peoples stuff!

Gordie Howe-IP Many years ago...

Many years ago, Mr. Gordie Howe was in Saskatoon for an unveiling of a statue of him. There was a line up for 2 hours but well worth it. It was a little different than the first time he was at Market Mall in Saskatoon signing for a Commemorative Plate of his. I think now he charges a lot for his autograph so I am thankful my wife and I got him 2x. I got the hat signed and my wife got a 8x10 signed from Upper Deck. I went first said "Thanks", then my wife gets the picture signed and asks him to personalize it to her dad, which he does. I asked if I could too and he apologized and said I'd have to go to the back of the line. UGGH.

Jarret Stoll Charity Golf Tourney

This Team Canada jersey was from Jarret Stoll's charity golf tournament from 2006.
He is a super guy who raised millions of dollars for hospital equipment in Saskatoon.
On the jersey are
Dennis Polonich-retired Detroit Red Wings
Joffrey Lupul-Edmonton Oilers (at the time)
Raffi Torres-Edmonton Oilers (at the time)
Colby Armstrong-Pittsburgh Penguins (at the time)
Brad Maier-NHL Ref
Mark Hartnell-Anaheim Ducks (at the time)
Jamie Heward-Washington Capitals (at the time)
Jarret Stoll-Edmonton Oilers (at the time)
Scott Hartnell-Philadelphia Flyers
Sheldon Brookbank New Jersey Devils

Friday, January 9, 2009

Andrew Cogliano Signed Oiler 3rd Jersey

I also got back my Cogliano, Stoll and Pissani signed jersey. The Cogliano auto was from bossa production, the Stoll and Pissani autos were from the June signing in Saskatoon.

Sam Gagner Signed Oiler Jersey

I got my signed Oiler 3rd Jersey back today signed by Sam Gagner. It was from Bossa Production who had a private signing with Sam in Nov.

Pat Quinn

Now this is just showing off. During the summer of 2006, we attended the Telus Skins Game in Banff Alberta. During one of the breaks we walked into a tent and I was taking pics of the Escalades the players were driving. My wife notices people standing in line waiting for someone. I look up and its Pat Quinn ex Toronto Maple Leaf coach. Now 3 years later, Mr Quinn will/should be back in the NHL. Team Canada Junior Gold Medal Winning Coach, Oh Yah!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dion Phanuef Mini Helmet

I bought this one, a signed Dion Phaneuf mini-helmet from auction. I am a huge Flames fan but wish he was as good as people thought he was. He will only get better but as a Flames fan, he still makes some costly mistakes. But like a poodle, who bites everything and screws up lots, you still love him!

Andrew Cogliano Helmet

I received my signed CCM helmet from Bossa Productions. It was originally suppose to be a Sam Gagner #89 but for some weird reason he could not sign it. So they got Andrew to sign it and I just switched the numbers. It was a $35 cost for the helmet to be signed. I wish he would have signed it on the top but at least he signed it. Andrew had the neat record last year of most overtime goals so his gloves and stick went to the Hall of Fame as a rookie. I did meet Andrew and he is on my Stoll helmet but I wanted a single of Gagner or Andrew.

Mr. Johnny Bower

Also from, I had a Maple Leafs jersey signed by Mr. Bower, oh yah a Hall of Famer....And Stanley Cup 1967..And he's from Saskatchewan people! Awesome!


  • Named to National Hockey League All-Star First Team, 1961.
  • Played in National Hockey League All-Star Game, October 7, 1961.
  • Winner, Vezina Trophy (shared with Terry Sawchuk), 1965.
  • Elected to Hockey Hall of Fame, 1976.
  • Had his Toronto uniform #1 (shared with Turk Broda) paid tribute to with a commemorative banner (the Leafs do not retire numbers), 1995.

Glenn Anderson Hockey Hall of Fame

I received my Glenn Anderson Toronto Maple Leafs signed jersey today. It was signed in December at Frozen Pond in Toronto, Ont. It was a send in, where I pay $35 plus shipping and they will get it signed for me. This is my 5th Anderson jersey (see pics) I got him last year at Eddie Shack's charity event in Saskatoon. He signed an Oiler practice jersey, a Toronto Maple Leafs white jersey and a Team Canada jersey. There were 5x7's for sale too so I picked up a Leaf and a Ranger signed card. I then got Anderson at an oldtimer game in S'toon in March. I paid $100 to get an oldtimer jersey signed by about 11 guys. When the guys came out, I got him to sign a Oiler third jersey #9.

Friday, January 2, 2009


I sent Paul Coffey an Oiler 8x10 and a #7 White to get signed about 2 months ago. He owns and operates a couple of car dealerships in Ont. I missed getting him at the Juno Cup in Prince Albert a couple years ago so this is cool. The man skates like a stallion, smooth and powerful. It looks like he was born on skates. And he did not sign the #7, knew he wouldn't but thought what the hay.