Monday, September 15, 2008

Fiona Smith Bell Team Canada Olympian

Ok, on Sat I heard an autograph session in Saskatoon for a Canadian Olympian, I did not make out the name but they were opening a new Royal Bank. They fed you lunch had draws, pop, games and Fiona smith bell signing for people. I thought to bring my camera, always a mistake when I don't. But she is a Canadian Woman's Hockey player. She won a Silver Medal in Nagano and has 3 World Championships. This team won a record 9 straight World Championships. She had all her medals there and you were able to touch them. She was really cool but I laughed when you could touch the silver, she had a loop around her figure. Hey I would too. I have many Team Canada jerseys and helmets but I had nothing. She had the Promo Royal bank shot of her and Team Canada sticks. We got our freebies signed chatted for a bit and had some lunch. She gave my wife 9 signed cards for her female hockey player students. Cool lady. A neat Saturday!

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