Monday, September 8, 2008

Jarret Stoll and Robyn Regehr-NHL Autographs!

Tonight we had a double whammy, from 5-6 Jarret Stoll of the Edmonton Oilers
signed for people outside a local Boston Pizza. 12 or so guys from NHL signed whatever was put in their face. Scott Hartnell (Flyer's) was the first guy, the 2 in front of us had no idea who he was, did not ask him to sign anything and said "Who are you?" He replied his name and that he
played for the Flyers. I had the perfect moment. I was standing behind him, held up my Flyer Jersey and he smiled...I said just for you Scott. He spend a little more time with me, signed my jersey, personalized it and I got a cool pic with him. My wife got the ccm helmet signed and when we got to Stoll, he laughed and said that looks like my helmet! A few of the guys`said that helmet is going to look pretty cool. I got really cool pics of most of them including Stoll. WE then raced 45 mins north to Robyn Regehr charity supper. If was very low keyed, a great supper, got Calgary Flames Jerseys signed and 2 cool pics with him.

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