Monday, September 8, 2008

Saskatchewan Roughriders

At a local teacher convention in Feb, I left my session early to wait in
the hotel lobby for my wife. I looked around and noticed 1/2 of the
Saskatchewan Roughriders team waiting to leave. They are the current
Canadian Football Leagues' Grey Cup Champions, and they too could have beat
the Patriots last month. Sorry had to be done. Anyway, I had nothing for
them to sign and was a little po'ed cause I had missed a couple of chances
right after they had won. So I did not waste the chance and walked up
congratulated them, chatted for a bit, and one of the players tells me, Matt
Dominguez is standing right behind you, say hello! Nothing signed but a
great bunch of guys and a cool story to really piss off my teacher friends
who stayed for the whole session!

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