Monday, September 8, 2008

NHL Oldtimers-charity game

Oldtimers Last Night-NHL'ers
Bryan Trottier-HHOF-6 Cups
Larry Melynk-2 Cups
Dave Ellett- 17 years in NHL
Jimmy Mann-Tough guy Winnepeg Jets
Cliff Ronning-Small but great skater
Bob Bourne-4 Cups
Billy Smith-4 Cups HHOF
Glenn Anderson-5 or 6 Cups
Gary Leeman-1 Cup, 50 goals 1 season
Bernie Nichols-70 Goals in 1 season
Dave Tiger Williams-3999 min in Penalties

Last night we went to a charity NHL old-timer game. Had my usual bag of
stuff to get singed. We went early to see if we could skate with some of
the NHL'ers but missed the time. No biggie I thought and went to the table
where they were setting up the signed stuff for sale. The guy said if you
buy one of the jerseys, you get to go down to the dressing room to get it
signed. $100 for the jersey and signed. I jumped at it, knowing I did not
have to fight during the game to get my stuff signed. So Sue, I remembered
what you said about always being ready with stuff to sign and sharpie. I
had my Team Canada jersey on and walked around the arena. Bryan trottier
(NY Islanders-6 Stanley cups-Hockey Hall of Fame) was standing with some old
friends (he is from the area). I waited 5 feet back and when they were done
said "I can I bother you for an autograph?" He said " That's never a
bother." and signed my jersey. I walked back to my seat smiling and my wife
looks and started to laugh, saying well you got one.
Before the game, the lights were off for a presentation and I noticed Gaston
Gingras (Leaf/Canadien) sitting in the box. I walked over tapped the glass,
show my Leaf jersey and motioned if he could sign it. He said sure and I
threw it over. He took the jersey down the bench and got 5 other guys who
were sitting there to sign. Super guy! Keep reading for who was the jerk
though. After the first period we went down to the dressing room but it was
not as great as they make it sound, they line you up facing a wall say hold
out your jerseys, the players will come out and sign. Kinda weird....So
they all came out and signed, I got my Leafs jersey signed by the old leafs
and my Islanders jersey singed by Billy Smith, and Bob Bourne from the
Islander dynasty in the early 80's.( got trottier on the bench later)Tiger
Willams signed my leafs jersey, this was great. Until Glenn Anderson comes
out. He signs my Oldtimer jersey and I asked him to sign my Edmonton Oiler
jersey number '9'. He looked mad and asked "What's this for?" and looked
like he did not want to touch it. Thinking I was going to sell it. Bernie
Nichols had signed it earlier. I said "you can personalize it, it's for
me..." He asked who the other signature was, I replied it was Bernie's. He
then signed it, not personalized. but oh well. He figured it out, the guys
on their were Oiler number '9's.
I am not a seller of autographs, just do it for the chance to meet these
people and he kinda pissed me off.
Signed my stuff but not the nicest of people. Smiles when the camera is on

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