Monday, September 28, 2009

Game Used Broken Sticks

After the Islander games both nights, we went down to the bench to see what we could find. It was kind of funny on both nights, people were yelling at the players for their sticks, Biron gave his stick to a young fan. We asked 2 people for the broken sticks, both said, "No." An Islander official came out and gave us the sticks, 1 Flame and 1 Islander, on both nights. He had a look on his face like he did not care that we asked and the people that said no, looked like they thought they'd get in trouble. My wife carried the sticks out on both nights with people commenting on them. I split the Flames stick with a friend so there's only the blade end. We got Dustin Boyd's and Blake Commeau. Cool...

New York Islander Autograph Session, WHL Game

Most of the guys were rookies but nice down to earth people;
#1 Mikko Koskinen
#41 Robin Figren
#49 Jyri Niemi
#58 Jesse Joensuu
#47 ?
#86 ?
Gerry Hart-Alumni

Battle of the Badges, Ronning, Valiquette, Smith and Kravchuk

Our yearly trip to the Battle of the Badges brought a quick trip into the city and a nice haul to bring home. As posted earlier, I got Billy Smith on my Islander jersey early. I was totally out of stuff to get signed so I bought a Canucks, Leafs and Oiler pucks at the door. I went and got all the pucks signed in the first intermission and they guys were all great. They always have signed stuff at the door, sometimes for a good price and some high end stuff too. I usually spend between $50-75 there, with all the money going to the players. It's a neat setup, they only have signed stuff from the players on the ice. I bought some Ronning pictures and a Valiquette picture along with my pucks.

Update on my NY Islander Jersey-Bill Smith

Attended the yearly Battle of the Badges in town last Thursday. Billy Smith, Cliff Ronning, Igor Kravchuk and Jack Vilequette. Got there late so we missed 15 minutes of the first. I stood by the door, actually opening it for Bill and asked him. He is a good signer and told me exactly how to hold the jersey to have it signed in mid-air.
And can someone tell me why these images flip on their own!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

John Tavares Islander Number

As reported earlier John signed it for me after one of the Islander practice. He asked for my name, which I never have a problem with. He thinks I am going to sell it so he asks for a name(spelling it wrong but I will forever have a story to tell about it), I win because I have a personalized John Tavares signed jersey. I will post the finished product when I get the rest of the number kit and jersey.

Edmonton Oilers Game Day vs New York Islanders Sept 20

Joel Richelicz
the nicest, most down to earth NHL player

We knew the Oilers were getting in the day of the game and that there would be no practice in town. We did our usual Islander practice and watched the game day setup and drills, neat to see the difference from game day to earlier in the week. Our seats for the Oiler game were bad, pretty much on top of the roof. We snuck down to the lower level until about 6 minutes of the first period. We were right behind the Oiler bench and watched them warm up, and watched Joel Richelicz pick a fight with Steve MacIntyre. Joel walked up the ramp on Saturday night, signed for everyone there, took pictures with people and treated the kids like gold. Awesome guy, then he picks on the biggest dog in the pack. My wife was freaking out, I told her Joel started it and this might keep him in the NHL for now. Joel got a few shots in but Steve is a large dude, nothing more was needed to say but Joel came back in the second period. One of the ushers told us to go look for a seat in the upper level where no one is seated, then just sit there. W e found some seats in the corner of the arena and sat down for the second. I laughed when I looked around; the Oiler brass were 15 feet to the right of us, Trent Klatt (retired Islander) sitting behind us and then Roly walked to his seat. Dwayne Roloson ended up sitting behind us for the second. I told my wife who is was and she asked if I was sure. I said I had met Roly twice this week, that was him. I was stocked, gave her a puck and silver paint pen and she went over. She got a picture with him, signed her puck and she was able to share a story about her students dressing up as him for Halloween. He said that was cool and thanked her. Remember karma? That worked out well for her.I went over to the Oiler box after the first period and asked someone if I could bother Keven for an autograph. He thought for a few seconds and said, "Maybe after the game." I thought, "Oh great."
I waited until Steve Tambillini walked down to the walkway and just waited for him to return. I asked him polity and he said, "Sure." I asked him a question about Jeff and we actually had a laugh.
After the game my arse!
I then noticed Mike Sillinger do the same thing and waited for him. I asked him too and he signed my puck and I got a picuture with him. 3 for 3 on the Oiler pucks, no need for Lowe.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Calgary Flames Practice Sept 19, 2009, Flames VS Islanders

This was the only down side to the whole week. My wife and I were waiting for the chance to get the Flames while they were in town. We waited at the top of the ramp with some stuff. A cab pulled up and dropped off Jamie Lundmark. I did not recognize him so we just kept waiting. Another cab pulled up and well, we just knew it was one of the Sutters. Coach Sutter signed a puck for me and my wife's jersey. Some cars drove by looking at us, we thought nothing of it.
We were then kicked out of the area for what the security people said was against NHL policy to allow autograph seekers on game day. I called his BS and he sent for the head *&^%, I mean security person. He explained what the Flames had wanted and said he would be in trouble. I said the real NHL rule, players can not sign during or after the game but can at practice (another reason to do your homework). He then just said it was CUC policy and it was private property so we had to leave. The bus pulled up in 20 minutes and we would not have got anywhere near them, it pulled right to the door. We went inside for the practice. My wife was mad and ready to throw her jersey in the garbage, I felt kinda bad for her. The Flames came out and the secret was now out, no Iggy, Kipper, Langkow, Connie, Regehr, Bourque, Phanuef. We paid how much for these stupid tickets? $75 a pop...Stupid....
Watching them practice was still kinda neat, Coach Sutter running the guys through drills. But where was PAPA Sutter? He had to be around somewhere. We scanned the arena and saw Duane and Ron sitting far away. There was a suit with them we figured it had to be a coach or scout, turned out to be Stephen Leach. I got Ron on a Flames puck and my Regehr jersey, Leach on my wife's jersey and Duane on both our jerseys. There were about 5 kids that followed me. My wife said people figured out I knew who the hockey players are and just followed me around. That was not cool... I showed Curtis Glencross a puck and pen when he skated off. He stopped and said throw it, the tunnel was in the way. I did and he threw it back to me. There is a little battle damage but a 'graph is a graph'. I have always believed in autograph karma, have stories to prove it. Curtis signed the puck Ron Sutter signed already. I had an extra puck but never thought quick enough. My wife was trying to toss her jersey to Curtis but was trying not to drop her camera. He waited and just walked in. No auto for her. Yet...
We watched them leave and noticed some other hounds gathered outside. We were now allowed to stand on the left side of the ramp and not the right side. Hmm.
We walked to the car and we ended up following the bus to the hotel. There was a blue car also following the bus. There are only a handful of nice hotels in town so it was not hard to eventually figure out which one they were at. The bus parked and I pulled behind it, told my wife to get out and go, she got in front of the players, jersey in hand, said, "Hi" to all the guys and just waited for Eric Nystrom. She asked for his autograph and he signed for her. She chatted for a few minutes and he apologized for not signing at the arena. She laughed and said, "I know that was your dad you were talking too, that's ok."
He smiled and walked in the hotel. Riley Armstrong is a local guy so he had some friends waiting for him. She got him on her jersey next. Riley chatted for a bit and went inside. We met another hound there who and ended up spending the day with. He had never done this before so we had some fun waiting and getting players as they walked in. Jamie Lundmark and Chris Chucko signed for our new friend. I passed for some stupid reason but then the time had come.
Papa Sutter himself walked in the hotel, Daryl Sutter, GM of our Flames walked in. It totally surprised me so I fumbled for words. I asked him for a picture and a to sign a puck, he helped us all out, signing my puck and my wife's jersey.
We ended up missing the guys going to the game but the next one was really neat, an older man walked to check out and I said that was Peter Maher, no one believed me and said I should go first then. He walked up the ramp and I said he belonged on the Flames jersey and he said, "Sure". I asked him to sign my white jersey, and put 89 Cup, he laughed and signed it with, "Yah baby!" That was the line he made famous when the Flames won in 1989, and Lanny scored the GWG. That to be honest, made my day and made me giggle. I asked my wife if the Flames had redeemed themselves at all, she was very happy with her autographs. We were then off to the game.
I got a text from my new hounding buddy, he said Ken King was in the building and was accessible to fans. At the 5min mark of the first period, we walked over to where the Flames brass were sitting and got Daryl on my jersey and Mr. King on it too. Mr. King thanked us for the support and we kept walking around. Their coaches were all sitting in the area, Dave Lowry, Jamie McLennan. Flames lost 4:2, Roloson played incredible, we ended up with Dustin Boyd's broken stick, images on Sunday. We tried hounding after the game, laughed at the people trying to get Islanders, some of the guys walked up behind them looking for rides and people never knew. This one will made you laugh, Clark Gillies walked up the ramp, no one asked him for an autograph, he knew it too, people never recognized him. I said hi and he smiled as he walked by. The Flames bus pulled away, no one signed, and they forgot Glencross, he was running beside the bus. Curtis is a nice guy so we felt kind of bad for him, they picked him up and off they went. Remember Karma?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dustin Boyd broken Easton stick

We went after the game and looked for sticks in the boxes. Found Boyd's stick and asked for it, Isls rep walked over and handed both pieces to us. I took the blade and a student of mine took the top piece. Pics later.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

got john tavares on a isls jersey number

Finally, got him. He made sure to personalize, not a issue. Post pics later.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

New York Islander Fan Fare Saskatoon

The radio claimed that good ole' John Tavares would be there, I have figured him out already, I was 95% sure he would be a no show but he played in Edmonton so maybe... I had my Islander #1 but knew it was a long shot. I saw lots of Tavares jerseys, some older men had to obviously get signed and young boys, just to wear. I felt kinda bad for them, $200 for the jersey. I found the park OK and hiked down to where the tents were. Not many there so I just hung out. A local Islander fan and hound buddy walked up and we started chatting, killing the hour or so wait. The players were late and showed about 5:40 or so. They came down the hill and I looked for some 'name' players, no luck. Dwayne Roloson was the last guy down so we were optimistic. This was the really cool part, there were numerous Alumni around and Clark Gillies, said go find them and chat. We got Trent Klatt right away on my Islander logo, along with Mike Dunham, the Isls goalie coach. However, Mike was chatting with Rolly so we waited and got him on the Team Canada puck. I did not push my luck this time so I did not ask for two. LOL! I asked if he knew if he was playing on Saturday and he said, "No." He found Ken Morrow and began our usual questions, a very large man stood back and Ken grabbed him and said this is Eric Cairns, and then Eric grabbed Trent Klatt and introduced him. So we exchanged introductions and chatted for about 10 minutes with Ken, great person and great alumni. We got more of the young guys but then went looking for more alumni. We got a picture with Butch Goring, did not ask him for an autograph, he would not have remembered us but he did sign already. We waited and got Clark Gillies on a Team Canada puck, chatted for a bit, put my foot in my mouth asking how Colton Gillies was, he said, "Who?" I said your son, he laughed and said he's my second cousin, oops. We walked over and started chattind with Eric Cairns, great guy and we just talked hockey. We walked by the VIP tent and my hound buddy recognized Pat Price so he was next. We got a picture with him and he actually went and got Gerry Hart to pose with us. We went back for the last Isls young guys, and got Jeff Tambellini on a blank puck, good luck getting anything Islanders in this town now. I asked him why he was born in Calgary, he laughed and said his dad was playing the Flames in the first round of the playoffs in Calgary. Neat story I guess. The boys were all rounded up and put back on the bus and we head off. Alumni golf tournament tomorrow am, then the games in Saskatoon this weekend. Wow, I am tired...It was clear that the Alumni was trying to sell a product, hmm John T, do you get this 'game' yet?
On the Islander logo:
#54Tony Romano
#33Scott Munroe
#71Mark Katic
#20Sean Bergenheim
#15Jeff Tambellini
#9 Clark Gillies
#6 Ken Morrow
#2 Pat Price
#4 Gerry Hart
#11Nate Thompson
#67Sean Bentivoglio
#17 Jeremy Reich
#28Tim Jackman
#42Brett Westgarth
#30 GM Garth Snow
Also 2 Player Personal, strength coaches I think
Mike Dunham

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh, Now This is Getting Fun!

I actually had a dentist appt today to find out I need a root canal this Monday. Ouch, but I will make the most of the day then. Day 3 New York Islander Camp. I was able to see the first group out at 8:00 am, appears to be the rookies going to Prince Albert to play an exhibition game against a local University team. Wasn't too interested to be honest so off to the dentist I went at 9:30. When I got back I met a new hounding buddy who was after some of the alumni. He said Trottier, Nystrom and Gillies were around but left. We noticed Rich Pilon standing by one of the gates, he is a local fellow who came back to Saskatoon where he grew up. I got him as the first on my Islander jersey. Chatted for a bit and off we went to look for more. I did have a chuckle though, he mentioned he was after Roloson and Weight, I didn't say anything for a few minutes, then I said we should go for a small hike. On the way I said who I had got on Sunday and said this was where. More of the early guys parked down in the tunnel, you could get at them but about 50 feet away. We waited for about 20 minutes and out came some of the younger guys, ah if I can not name them, maybe not. Butch Goring walked up the ramp and I approached him, I asked politely and he said, Sure but only if you're not going to sell it." I said I never sell these things. He said then he would be happy to. I even showed my intention by asking if he could personalize it, showing that this is mine. He was happy to sign for me, I thanked him and off he went. Sure enough, 15 minutes later, Trottier, Gillies and Nystrom came out and walked to their van. Someone else was there, cool, Ken Morrow. We approached and asked Bryan first, he said sure and gave each jersey to each of the guys. I managed to ask Nystrom about Eric, I asked how he was and that I was a huge Flames fan and I can't wait until Saturday's game. He said Eric was good and he hoped he played on Saturday. Bryan also signed an old photo of himself and he laughed and said, "Just look at that young stud!" Well, that was Day 3 at the Islander camp. Camp photos will be up tomorrow.