Sunday, May 24, 2009

Breakfast with Ray Bourque, seriously...

On June 11 there will be a breakfast with Ray Bourque in town. He will then be at a local golf course (not playing) in support of a new pediatrics ambulance for our city. All money raised will be donated to MD Ambulance. I asked and they are really hoping he will agree to an autograph session, no commitment on that yet. I have my Avs' Bourque and 2 Pucks ready for the day. Took an EDO from work so what a great way to spend a June day. I am looking forward to this one, anyone know if he is an eager signer?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Marc Parenteau Saskatchewan Roughriders IP

Check out my Rider section, today we had a Rider from the 2007 Grey Cup Team at our school. Really cool guy, signed for everyone. 6'5 300lb Offensive Lineman.... Click here for the goodies!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Signed Flames Pucks-Boyd and Primeau

This might go down in my books as the coolest catch yet. I was curious about the Calgary Flames Better Half puck sale in Calgary for the first home games of this years playoffs against Chicago. I emailed one of the sponsors and someone got back to me with a idea. She called the Flames and found out here was only 2 pucks left; Wayne Primeau and Dustin Boyd. She got back to me and asked if I wanted them. I was eager to get anything so I said sure. I asked how much for the pucks and she said I was to make a donation of my choice to a charity of my choice. I got the pucks today with a Flames Blaze book. I kept my end and donated $45 to the Canadian Cancer Society in a family member's name. Holly man, what a great deal and great cause!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ugh Toronto Maple Leaf Doug Gilmour Jersey

I was actually disappointed with these. He signed the Maple Leaf, which is fine but I wanted the 3 or 9 signed. The 12inch 3 signed number doesn't really look that good. :(

Theoren Fleury and Doug Gilmour Signed Flames Jersey

I actually knew Theo from years ago, he is from a town near my home town. As a kid, we never bothered asking guys who played on the NHL for autographs, Kelly Buchberger, Theo, Jeff Odgers. Now as a collector the chances are not as easy as they once were. Theo and Doug Gilmour did a signing in Calgary for Bossa Productions on April 4 and 5. I managed to get someone to get a whole bunch of stuff signed, there was a cost but worth it. Theo's rookie card from 89-90 was a neat item. And last not but least of the Flames items; a signed Gilmour Flames puck.