Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sheldon Brookbank-Colby Armstrong Signed Pucks IP

CBC Hockey Night in Canada had their 'Play On' street hockey tournament this past Saturday in Saskatoon. Hundreds of people, kids, men and women played on six 'rinks' all day. The media game had 3 NHL'ers along with radio, TV and newspaper guys. Colby Armstrong (Atlanta Thrashers), Sheldon Brookbank (Anaheim Ducks) and Riley Armstrong (did not get him to sign)of my mighty Calgary Flames participated in the 4 on 4 street hockey event. I have met Colby and Sheldon before so I knew who I was looking for in the crowd. I managed to track both guys down and asked Colby first. Colby is a great guy and really down to earth. We spoke for about 5 mins about hockey, the Thrashers organization and he talked about Atlanta as a hockey town. Sheldon was over by a sponsors tent and was really interesting to talk to. I asked similar questions about living in Anaheim vs New Jersey, and he spoke very highly of Anaheim. I got two Ducks pucks signed by Sheldon (1 is up for trade) and a Thrashers puck by Colby. I did not get Riley because I had nothing to get signed and I knew the name but had no idea which guy he was. Oh Well.....Street hockey game pics in my Sports Image Gallery.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Christmas Job!

Well, I was hired for a Christmas job yesterday, starting Boxing day actually. It is 30 hours per week. The pay is not very good, they do feed you if you work more than 6 hour per day. What's the job you might ask, Security for the World Junior Hockey Championship in Saskatoon. Full access to entire arena, including ice level after the games. There is a 50-50 chance I work the Gold Medal game in January too. I smell some autograph chances...

Doug Gilmour Signed Toronto Maple Leaf #9

I forgot about this one, I sent away to Frozen Pond to get a few things signed; Flames helmet, White Leafs #9 and a Leafs Puck. Totally forgot about this so it's still at Frozen Pond. Searching their site I came across some pics of the signing. That's my number 9 Killer is signing. Should get the stuff next week.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dylan Olsen Team Canada Stick Broken

After the game ended, we waited around the bench and I noticed a broken stick. I motioned for the trainer to come over and asked for the stick. He handed it to me and grabbed the top half. I really got excited when I saw a #4, which I thought was T.J Brodie (Flames Pick). It was actually from Team White's Dylan Olsen, 28th pick overall by Chicago last year. Dylan plays for Camrose of the Alberta Junior Hockey League. As we were walking away, a volunteer said "Now you can put it on Ebay." I was a little ticked, I relied, "No, I am keeping it, plus I make enough money I don't need to sell it." He said nothing more....When we were down at ice level later, I asked Brayden Schenn to sign it. It did not work that well, he told me the tape and stick was really wet. So the stick is actually signed about 5 times by Brayden but none really good. LOL! He was awesome though he really tried to sign it. Great kid and a heck of a player!

Team Canada World Junior Camp Signed Banner

This was a total fluke, we tried to get some autographs as they left the ice with no luck. We went down to the ice level using the stairs and some volunteers said to just wait, they'll walk right by. One of the waiting dads setup 2 tables for his kids to wait with these banners. As the players walked out they just walked over and signed whatever was on the table. I did not have my Team Canada jersey but this was the next best thing. The entire team signed this. Here is a link to the list: Team Red and White. My wife really wanted Jordan Eberle on a photo and he was the only one we had to really ask. His parents were standing about 30 feet behind us so it was understandable that he was eager to visit for a bit. My wife got a picture with Jordan and I got a picture with Atlanta Thrashers rising star, Evander Kane. It was a great idea and it gives me a thought in September when the Flames are in town.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wendel Clark signed Leafs Stuff

I wanted both of us to have the hats, again a great cause.

This was bought from the auction, proceeds to the Pink Warrior Classic.Craig Schira signed NHL puck

Jared Cowen Signed NHL Puck IP

During the Team Canada Red and White game on Sunday night, a few of the injured players were accessible. Cody Hodgson and Ottawa Senators' Jared Cowen were just hanging out in the main area. They enjoyed the attention in a good way. Approachable cool guys. Jared signed a Columbus Blue Jacket puck so I told him I knew it was not his team so sign the NHL side.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Chris Kunitz and the Stanley Cup

After a wild night of hounding and the World Junior game last night, I talked my wife into a 2 hour trip to Regina to see Chris Kunitz and the Cup. We found City Hall easy and maybe 40 people were there. CBC News was there along with various media. I noticed one thing right away, last year when Mike Babcock had the Cup in Saskatoon, there appeared to be more people. Chris wanted a fundraiser toward patient care and treatment at the Allan Blair Cancer Centre. Awesome cause....
There was a short program with some 'I love Regina' gifts for Chris from Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco. This part was really cool, the Cup was put in a tent where someone from the city would take your picture with your camera, so my wife and I got the first one taken, and as I walked away, I kissed it. The lady laughed and said, "That should be your picture!" So I kissed it again and got the picture. We moved to the second tent where Chris was signing. For a $5 donation, you got a picture of Chris with Cup. I donated $20 for 2 pics and Chris signed them both along with two Penguin pucks. I asked for a picture with him and he said, "Sure." We were there by 8:00am for a 9:00am start, to be done and back at the car by 9:30am. Oh yah, a 2 hour drive to get there. But worth it. I will post the pucks here and in my puck blog in the morning.

Martin Gelinas, Ron Tugnutt and Cody Hodgson Signed Jerseys and Puck IP

If you can recall in my earlier posts about hockey games at Credit Union Center, I am 2 for 2 going for a walk inside the rink. Bryan Trottier & Gerry Cheevers...I told my wife I should try again. I got up the steps and Cody Hodgson of the Vancouver Canucks or last years Team Canada leading scorer. I waited and asked him for an autograph on a Team Canada puck. He said sure and we chatted for a few seconds, he told me when he was going to the Canuck camp and I told him I thought he would stick with them this year. He is a really down to earth guy. But I had a Canucks jersey in my bag but I did not want to go back. I walked around the corner to go back down to our seats and Martin Gelinas was talking with Ron Tugnutt. I got Ron on an Oiler jersey and Martin on the Canucks jersey. Karma baby, karma...Martin spoke about his new job Nashville. I was bugging him about the Canucks jersey, I told him it killed me a little, Martin of course was on the '04 Flames team that just about took the Cup. And he thought the puck was in...Flames fans will get that one...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Wendel Clark Signed...well, many things

We did our Wendel Clark banquet tonight. It was a major fundraiser for breast cancer awarness called The Pink Warrior Classic. Daryl Sittler was there last year and this year, Clark. They had a market place set up with all sorts of signed items; hats, flags, pucks and such. I ended up spending $115 for the first visit. We had our supper and Wendel took the stage. He took questions from the crowd and just told stories from that. I have video and pics from the event to post Tuesday, after we see the Stanley Cup on Monday with Chris Kunitz. I ended up with a Leafs #1, 2 pucks, 2 hats, and 2 photos signed. Craig Schira was there signing too. Pics and more Tuesday.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It All Starts Here....

Every Christmas for a Canadian hockey fan brings a few sure things; Christmas and a Gold Medal for our World Junior Canadian Team. Yes, some good natured "In Your Face" for my Fellow US Bloggers...Today started the Team Canada Development Camp in Saskatoon. The World Juniors are being held there in Dec/Jan this year. Approx 45 of Canada's best junior players are invited to camp in hopes of making the team in a few months. There are two inter squad games this Sat/Sun, Red VS White. Tonight's practice was attended by about 50 people, half being Pro Scouts, the other half being just hockey nuts. It did not appear like there would be any chance at some autographs so I waited patiently. My wife was getting a little edgy until the second group camp out. I reminded her of Jordan Eberle from last years Gold Medal game. Now she was into the practice...We took numerous pictures of both groups. Some notables from Team Red-TJ Brodie, Ryan Ellis and Patrice Cormier;Team White-Jordan Eberle, Brayden Schenn and Evander Kane. We decided a Eberle autograph and lots of pictures would be a great night so we missed Eberle head into the dressing room. I asked of the trainers if he would come out to sign and he said he would ask (the dressing room is actually about 6 feet from the bench) So out came Eberle and signed my Team Canada Practice jersey. I waited around while some other players were playing a version of "Horse" with the goalie. Everyone took a shot and if you did not score, you were out. I glanced and saw Brayden Schenn skate to the bench, I asked if I could bother him for an autograph and he said "Sure." I handed him my Kings jersey, congratulated him on his high draft and he signed it above the logo. I thanked him and off we drove home. In the parking lot, we noticed a van with the plates "SCHENN". My wife laughed and said maybe his grandma told him to be nice to everyone! LOL....He is from Saskatoon....Jersey pics and more practice pics tomorrow.