Monday, September 8, 2008

IP Sask Roughriders, whole team

The 2007 Grey Cup Champs; Saskatchewan Roughriders had their annual
Saskatoon day of training camp today. They had a scheduled 45 autograph
signing along with their practice. My wife and I were there 15 mins early
and waited. Ken Miller the new coach, who replaced Kent Austin who left to
be an Offensive coach at U Mass. Anyway, Coach Miller was very nice and
signed for a few people before the guys came out. The PR people said the
guys will spread out so we should do the same. So out they came. My wife
said we should stay close but within 5 mins, we were off getting our own
stuff singed. I had a CFL official football and she had a Sask Roughriders
ball (silver) On the way up she said this was my thing not hers. By the
time the guys came out she was having as much fun as I did and actually got
2 of the guys I missed. Then she shows me here photos she got, now she
loves the Riders, or I mean Andy Fantuz. She got some neat pics with some
of the guys, including a guy I went to high school with, Gene Makosky. When
I finally got to Fantuz for my ball, he looked at it and looked at me and
said, that is a nice signed ball. I used a silver paint marker to give to
the guys, I guess it looked good if the player who was the longest wait
liked it! Then to boot, my wife ended up with 33 sigs, me 31...A fun day
ended with watching them practice.

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