Friday, June 11, 2010

OMG, Cool. Schenn, Schenn, Stoll and Hartnell

Finally, the other Schenn! This year's Jarret Stoll's Charity Golf tournament is bringing in some different people. Drew Doughty, Fernando Pisani, Sheldon Brookbank, Scott Hartnell, and Jarret himself will be returning this year with; Brayden Schenn (no biggie, got him lots), Wayne Simmonds, Teddy Purcell, Nigel Dawes (cool!), and Luke Schenn!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hawks Win, Hmm....

I will repeat myself that I really did not care who won the Stanley Cup, because my Flames were not part of the playoffs this year. But I was hoping for the Flyers because of Scott Hartnell, a local guy who should be here in town in two weeks for the Jarret Stoll Golf Classic. So the Chicago Black Hawks have won and the Cup will be in Saskatchewan 2 x's this summer, Sopel from Saskatoon and Hendry from Nokomis. That will be 4 x's in 3 years for me to get my grubby little hands on Lord Stanley's Grail!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

2009-2010 Be A Player Pack Breaks

Not a bad haul, cheaper packs too than the Trilo3y. First pack, Schenn, just like the first pack of last year's BAP, Schenn...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Monday, May 31, 2010

This One Hurts....

I realize this is my sports blog but I need to tell this story. I absolutely love the band Nickelback. I have seen them in concert five times in the last 7 years. Now if you give me the gears for my choice of music, I will rub your nose in my Wayne Gretzky 2 times in 2 days and Steve Yzerman autographed jerseys! LOL! But seriously, we knew where the band stays, and ironically enough Flames, Gretzky, Nickelback, all at the same hotel. There was a tour bus outside. Clue #1. We got there with some CD labels to hope to run into them in the lobby. We had the plan all laid out, sit in the lounge and just watch. Its about 30 feet to the door so we thought we had it figured. See where this is going yet? We had a beer and just sat and waited. We noticed someone with a Red Wings jacket walking around in the lobby, hmm. Clue #2, Kroeger's favorite team. We got up to leave and saw someone with a yellow hat walking up the ramp with the guy in the Red Wings jacket. A hat in a nice hotel? Clue #3...We were standing about to walk out, the person stood by the door and was taking pictures with 2 guys. This has to be someone, but god as my witness, never thought it was Kroeger. When it clicked I walked out and asked the guys who that was.
Their reply, "Chad Kroeger".
I stood from 20 feet away and watched him walk out the door. I ran to the bus to see if I could catch him the bus door closed and they pulled out.
I waited for a year for the chance and blew it. My wife said something too, hockey players don't try to hide, rock bands, try to hide, the simplest of diversions, a bloody hat...
I did go to the show and it was a rock party for 2 hours.
This will hurt for awhile....