Monday, September 8, 2008

Mike Weir

Mike Weir, 2003 Master Champion was in town today to raise money for a
children's hospital. They will raise about $600,000 in 2 days in a charity
golf tourney. We were at the golf course early, waited for about 45 mins
and Mike showed up. He warmed up on the range, then took some pics with the
tournament players, it cost each group 10, 000 to enter. At the first tee,
my wife wiggled her way right behind him and got my Masters Scorecard
signed. 200 hundred people around the tee and it took her 5 mins after the
warmup to get the auto, I never had a doubt. My friend said she could not
get a picture with him. Within 30 mins, she got a pic with him. She wanted
me to ask to, but I felt he might say no so I thought why wreck a perfect
day...On the 8th tee, I wanted my 11x14 Masters picture signed, with Tiger
putting the green jacket on Mike. My wife whispers "Mr. Weir", he turns and
sees me standing there. He signed my picture and we were set. 2 autos in 8
holes. He was an eager signer, signed lots and was a real cool guy.

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