Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pucks from the Islanders Camp

Mark Streit #2

Brendan Witt #32

Well, the day started with a Tim Horton's hot chocolate and off to the Credit Union Center. I waited for a friend to arrive as I watched a bus of players get dropped off in front. 5:50 am, dark and cold, ahh, I can wait. Turns out nothing to worry about really, Islander rookies went first and some talented players but the only name I recognized was Tambillini. My friend showed up and we watched Team 1 for 30 minutes or so. We decided to go outside and see what we could find. 30 more minutes passed and we thought this was not worth it. A couple of Expeditions pulled up and we recognized Mark Streit and Brendan Witt. We politely asked for an autograph and everyone stopped. Witt is from here, so you know he's a good guy! They all were nice and signed and as I looked up for something, Doug Weight walked by. Rats anyway...But we are officially not skunked! Both guys were approachable and really cool!

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