Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh, Now This is Getting Fun!

I actually had a dentist appt today to find out I need a root canal this Monday. Ouch, but I will make the most of the day then. Day 3 New York Islander Camp. I was able to see the first group out at 8:00 am, appears to be the rookies going to Prince Albert to play an exhibition game against a local University team. Wasn't too interested to be honest so off to the dentist I went at 9:30. When I got back I met a new hounding buddy who was after some of the alumni. He said Trottier, Nystrom and Gillies were around but left. We noticed Rich Pilon standing by one of the gates, he is a local fellow who came back to Saskatoon where he grew up. I got him as the first on my Islander jersey. Chatted for a bit and off we went to look for more. I did have a chuckle though, he mentioned he was after Roloson and Weight, I didn't say anything for a few minutes, then I said we should go for a small hike. On the way I said who I had got on Sunday and said this was where. More of the early guys parked down in the tunnel, you could get at them but about 50 feet away. We waited for about 20 minutes and out came some of the younger guys, ah if I can not name them, maybe not. Butch Goring walked up the ramp and I approached him, I asked politely and he said, Sure but only if you're not going to sell it." I said I never sell these things. He said then he would be happy to. I even showed my intention by asking if he could personalize it, showing that this is mine. He was happy to sign for me, I thanked him and off he went. Sure enough, 15 minutes later, Trottier, Gillies and Nystrom came out and walked to their van. Someone else was there, cool, Ken Morrow. We approached and asked Bryan first, he said sure and gave each jersey to each of the guys. I managed to ask Nystrom about Eric, I asked how he was and that I was a huge Flames fan and I can't wait until Saturday's game. He said Eric was good and he hoped he played on Saturday. Bryan also signed an old photo of himself and he laughed and said, "Just look at that young stud!" Well, that was Day 3 at the Islander camp. Camp photos will be up tomorrow.

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