Sunday, September 13, 2009

Islander Jersey Numbers #3, #1, #9

These were a last minute decision, my number kit from eBay did not come in so I moved to Plan B. The top layer of the blue and orange on white jersey. I got Dwayne Roloson on a #3, he missed part of it on the number but it is hard to tell. I did ask him to sign a Oiler puck, he said, "Sorry no." Hmm, was it the Oiler logo or I asked for two? IMO, I think it was the Oiler logo. I said, "Thanks anyway." The #1 was signed by Kyle Okposo. He and another player walked out and were looking for someone. I said we had been there for awhile and asked who they were looking for. They said any players and asked who had come up the ramp. I mentioned Doug and Trent 10 mins ago. I asked if any of the numbers I had left would work for them. Kyle said the #1 would for him so he signed it for me. Nice guy... I had a hunch, Taveras would be a long shot, I asked Doug Weight on his way up to sign the #9. He did and introduced himself to me. He is one of the great people in the business I think. I will repost when I complete the jersey.

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