Sunday, September 27, 2009

Edmonton Oilers Game Day vs New York Islanders Sept 20

Joel Richelicz
the nicest, most down to earth NHL player

We knew the Oilers were getting in the day of the game and that there would be no practice in town. We did our usual Islander practice and watched the game day setup and drills, neat to see the difference from game day to earlier in the week. Our seats for the Oiler game were bad, pretty much on top of the roof. We snuck down to the lower level until about 6 minutes of the first period. We were right behind the Oiler bench and watched them warm up, and watched Joel Richelicz pick a fight with Steve MacIntyre. Joel walked up the ramp on Saturday night, signed for everyone there, took pictures with people and treated the kids like gold. Awesome guy, then he picks on the biggest dog in the pack. My wife was freaking out, I told her Joel started it and this might keep him in the NHL for now. Joel got a few shots in but Steve is a large dude, nothing more was needed to say but Joel came back in the second period. One of the ushers told us to go look for a seat in the upper level where no one is seated, then just sit there. W e found some seats in the corner of the arena and sat down for the second. I laughed when I looked around; the Oiler brass were 15 feet to the right of us, Trent Klatt (retired Islander) sitting behind us and then Roly walked to his seat. Dwayne Roloson ended up sitting behind us for the second. I told my wife who is was and she asked if I was sure. I said I had met Roly twice this week, that was him. I was stocked, gave her a puck and silver paint pen and she went over. She got a picture with him, signed her puck and she was able to share a story about her students dressing up as him for Halloween. He said that was cool and thanked her. Remember karma? That worked out well for her.I went over to the Oiler box after the first period and asked someone if I could bother Keven for an autograph. He thought for a few seconds and said, "Maybe after the game." I thought, "Oh great."
I waited until Steve Tambillini walked down to the walkway and just waited for him to return. I asked him polity and he said, "Sure." I asked him a question about Jeff and we actually had a laugh.
After the game my arse!
I then noticed Mike Sillinger do the same thing and waited for him. I asked him too and he signed my puck and I got a picuture with him. 3 for 3 on the Oiler pucks, no need for Lowe.

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