Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Skating with Gaston Gingras-one of the best-Stanley Cup Champ!

Before the game, everyone with a ticket had a chance to skate with some of the players, Gaston Gingras showed up which was cool, he was not scheduled to play. He is perhaps the nicest player I have ever met. I asked him if he coached and he said he only did clinics around North America. He said he just got back from Nunavut that morning and the weather was cold. We chatted for a couple of laps around the ice. He really promoted having fun playing the game. He cracked jokes and even playfully pushed me as we skated. Great great guy.
Something horrible dawned on me later that night. Gaston has won a Stanley Cup with Montreal in 1986. So that was cool to skate with a Cup winner. But in 1986, the Habs beat my Calgary Flames :( Ah, he was too cool to stay mad at him! Thanks Gaston!

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