Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Edmonton Oilers White Jersey-IP

I bought the Old Timer jersey to get the chance to get the players to sign it at their dressing room. I always bring other stuff to get signed so I knew this would be relatively easy. I lucked out, Craig Muni, Larry Melnyk (boy those 2 boys are big), Igor Kravchuk and Bernie Nicholls were all waiting side by side. So they just passed the jersey down the line as the other players signed for the fans. I ended up getting Ron Hogarth and I think Gary Leeman on it which ticked me off because I had my Leaf jersey at my feet. I also got Ron Flockhart (Flyers) to sign it, he actually said "Oilers, yuck."
But no Anderson, he never showed. So back to the ice level for period 2. Anderson did not appear to sign many things if any at that time. I gave the jersey to my wife and asked her to get it as she was sitting by the edge. There was a plan with Anderson, he never seems to like signing jerseys that might just have him on it, like a #9 Home Oilers. But if someone else is on it like the other Oilers, he seems better at signing. My wife got his attention and he actually turned around, walked back to her and signed. She pulled the jersey up and he pulled it down, and told her it will sign much better on the logo. Cool, thanks Glenn. Alias, another Edmonton Oiler jersey to the collection. Remember people, I am 36 years old and from Calgary. You die hard hockey fans will get that one.

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