Monday, March 16, 2009

Bryan Trottier NY Islanders Jersey-IP

Do you ever get tired of getting a Hall of Famer on a nice looking jersey? Yah right!! How about 2 Hall of Famers? This jersey was the top priority because it being specially made. It was signed by Winnipeg Jet's tough guy Jimmy Mann first which I thought long and hard about, he never played for the Islanders but I thought what the heck. It turned out to be a very nice and clean auto, even with a happy face! I managed to get Trottier before the game so I was happy at least to get that signed. He even commented that Mann was on the jersey and never played for them. Laughing of course. Now, there are other Islanders playing so now was the challenge; Ronning, Smith and Bourne. Got them all. Smith is a really nice guy in person, don't remember that growing up. We manged to sit by the tunnel and some stupid kids in front of us, actually hit Billy in the head. Billy is not very tall so the kid had to reach down and smacked him in the head. He yelled at them but no parents to be found. Some other kid came up to the kid who hit Billy and said he was a mean goalie so smarten up. But good for Billy for yelling at them. Those Cup guys have a bind with that team and sign really nice on their jersey. Bourne signed my shoulder, not sure about that one but oh well.

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