Thursday, March 19, 2009

Old Timer Hockey Challenge Jersey

These jerseys are $120 from the Old Timer Game and in between the first and second period, you can go down to the dressing room area and they will come out and sign it.
All the guys are so nice. They will chat with you, Billy Smith is really neat to talk to!
Ron Hogarth (NHL REF)
Dave "Tiger" Williams
Bryan Trottier
Billy Smith
Bob Bourne 2x's
Igor Kravchuk
Larry Melynk
Craig Muni
Ron Flockhart
Gary Leeman
Bernie Nicholls
Cliff Ronning
Rob Black
Second year that Trottier did not come down to sign, he usually stays out on the ice. No worries, he signs everything else. But Anderson did not sign either, when I asked my wife if he stayed on the ice, she said he went in with the other guys.

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