Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Boy Dion Phaneuf

Again he is like a little poodle, when you get him, you know he will make lots of mistakes before he learns. I am predicting, Dion Phaneuf will be on the ice for 3 Wild goals. He is making mistakes that the play by play guys even comment, someone of his ability should not be making. He has used his feather duster a lot this year.
PART 2: Calgary Defeats Minnesota 3 :2
Dion Phaneuf was on the ice for the both (2) Wild goals. He was even for the game though but as of tonight he is -13. He did play better and I do realize he is on the ice for most of the PP goals but to make a serious run in the playoffs, he needs to fix some things. There was a great 'After Hours' show with Eric Nystrom after the game. They showed his 'Slap Shot striptease' bit from Quad City last year. Great stuff...

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