Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gerry Cheevers-A really cool surprise IP

Well, no takers in my contest. My wife told me go for a walk before the game, last year brought me face to face with Bryan Trottier, this year I walked up to the main area and saw a table with someone signing autographs. I was curious right away and walked over. Gerry Cheevers was sitting there signing. But there was a cost of $20 for small item and $50 for bulky. I don't really have an issue paying for that, if that is to help him make a living so be it. Others appeared not to have my opinion. I had $20 in my pocket so I asked if I could have this picture, he noticed these were actuall $25 and I said I would have to get the $20 picture of him in the net. Gerry's manager said they were nice guys so take the mask one. I asked if he could personalize it and he said sure. He told me to let it dry so the paint pen would not run. I walked back to my seat and my wife laughed and said, yikes who was up there? I showed the picture and we had a good laugh. I walked by again, and asked him something about Don Cherry, he laughed and said some kind of smart remark.