Monday, January 12, 2009

Kelly Hrudey-IP

Again, a couple of years ago, we attended a charity event in Warman. We went to a "autograph session" at 4:00 to find out the event was canceled. I was not sure if I would get anything we went back to a friend's house to wait until 5:00. Sure enough, Hrudey came walking up the walk and we approached for a couple of autographs. Someone must have told him we were waiting, he was very accommodating for someone else's screw up. He introduced himself to us and signed my Islander and Kings jersey personalizing itI had a Silvertip Golf Course Polo Shirt on and he asked if I had played that. I said we were just at the Telus Skins game out there and played Silvertip the next day. We then starting talking about golf out in the Banff Alberta area for about 10 mins. My wife and her friend were kinda shocked, he was so nice. He asked if we were going to the dinner tonight and we had to apologize; we were in the process of building a garage. Super nice guy!

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