Sunday, January 11, 2009

Juno Cup-Lots of Leafs, Manson, Courtnall, Leeman

This was from the 2006 Juno Cup in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. We attended the Juno's on Sun and the Juno Cup was Friday night. This was my first NHL jersey to be signed. I was not happy after the game because there seemed to be no chance at a signing. Russ Courtnall was signing at one of the gates so I draped my new Leaf jersey over and Russ signed it for me. I was then happy, I got one. We walked over to the door and there were people waiting. We found out that the players and singers came out that door. I ended up getting lots of singers and actors; Brent Butt, George Canyon, Richard Underhill, Andrew Scott, Sam Roberts and Brent Fitz. The NHL'ers were Russ Courtnall, Bob Probert, Gary Leeman, Mike Pelyk, Tim Cheveldae & Dave Manson. I missed Paul Coffey and Wendel Clark, that sucked not getting Clark on a Leafs jersey. Probert looked at me and I said, "Yah I know.."(he didn't play for the Leafs) Bryan Glynn walked by and signed for no one. He is police officer now so maybe something came up in town. This was the easiest jersey to get signed, I was 1 of 40 people who had sharpies! The players were asking me to borrow mine to sign other peoples stuff!

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