Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bryan Trottier - Team Canada Jersey IP

While at last years NHL Oldtimer game in Saskatoon, we were waiting for the game to begin and I decided to take a walk around the arena. About 20 feet from where we were sitting was Bryan Trottier visiting with an older couple. I waited a few feet back and when they were finished, I walked over to Bryan and asked if I could bother him for an autograph. He replied, "Its never a bother." and smiled. I had my jersey on and sharpie in hand. He asked where to sign and I said the front would be great. I thanked him and he went down to ice level. Great and classy guy! BTW, I did get him on my Islander jersey but not the Oldtimer Jersey.


  1. Again, a great hockey name from my youth. Those Islanders teams were something special.

  2. I never liked the Islanders but respected them when I grew up. Hey what can I say. I grew up in Calgary. Check out my oldtimer section from Sept. There should be a Islander jersey with Bourne, Hrudey, Smith and Trottier. That was so cool to get, one of my favs. If its not there, and you want to see it, I will post.