Monday, January 26, 2009

Eddie Shack, Tiger Willams Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey-IP

This was an interesting project. I bought an old Maple Leaf jersey to get Eddie Shack to sign. At his event, he personalized it for me, spelled my name wrong (he learned to read and write late in life, so no biggie). So when we went to the Oldtimer game, there was a light show on the ice before the game. I walked over to the bench and tapped the glass. Gaston Gingras looked at me and I mouthed "Can you sign this for me?" He said, "Sure" and I threw it over. He signed it, walked down the bench and got other guys sitting down. He gave it back to me and I just smiled and said "Thanks".
The signers include:
Tiger Williams
Eddie Shack
Bob Bourne
Gaston Gingras
Billy Smith
Gary Leeman
Jimmy Mann
Ron Hogarth (REF)

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