Saturday, January 24, 2009


I bought my preseason tickets for the New York Islander vs the Calgary Flames on Sept 19. The seats are not great but its a small arena, Section 3 Row 10 Seats 1,2,3. That I liked; edge seats. Last time the Mighty Flames were in town, I heard from reports, the autographs were easy to get. The Islanders will be in town for awhile, with scheduled autograph signings. The Flames should be accessible, the 'assumed hotel' is close by. However, when the Flames were in Winnipeg last year, Iginla did not make the trip. He did come two years ago when the Flames were in Saskatoon so here's hoping...I must be Daddy Big Bucks (not), I also bought Islanders vs Edmonton Oilers tickets for the following night. Seats are again not great but it's NHL hockey.

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