Monday, August 10, 2009

Martin Gelinas, Ron Tugnutt and Cody Hodgson Signed Jerseys and Puck IP

If you can recall in my earlier posts about hockey games at Credit Union Center, I am 2 for 2 going for a walk inside the rink. Bryan Trottier & Gerry Cheevers...I told my wife I should try again. I got up the steps and Cody Hodgson of the Vancouver Canucks or last years Team Canada leading scorer. I waited and asked him for an autograph on a Team Canada puck. He said sure and we chatted for a few seconds, he told me when he was going to the Canuck camp and I told him I thought he would stick with them this year. He is a really down to earth guy. But I had a Canucks jersey in my bag but I did not want to go back. I walked around the corner to go back down to our seats and Martin Gelinas was talking with Ron Tugnutt. I got Ron on an Oiler jersey and Martin on the Canucks jersey. Karma baby, karma...Martin spoke about his new job Nashville. I was bugging him about the Canucks jersey, I told him it killed me a little, Martin of course was on the '04 Flames team that just about took the Cup. And he thought the puck was in...Flames fans will get that one...

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