Monday, August 10, 2009

Chris Kunitz and the Stanley Cup

After a wild night of hounding and the World Junior game last night, I talked my wife into a 2 hour trip to Regina to see Chris Kunitz and the Cup. We found City Hall easy and maybe 40 people were there. CBC News was there along with various media. I noticed one thing right away, last year when Mike Babcock had the Cup in Saskatoon, there appeared to be more people. Chris wanted a fundraiser toward patient care and treatment at the Allan Blair Cancer Centre. Awesome cause....
There was a short program with some 'I love Regina' gifts for Chris from Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco. This part was really cool, the Cup was put in a tent where someone from the city would take your picture with your camera, so my wife and I got the first one taken, and as I walked away, I kissed it. The lady laughed and said, "That should be your picture!" So I kissed it again and got the picture. We moved to the second tent where Chris was signing. For a $5 donation, you got a picture of Chris with Cup. I donated $20 for 2 pics and Chris signed them both along with two Penguin pucks. I asked for a picture with him and he said, "Sure." We were there by 8:00am for a 9:00am start, to be done and back at the car by 9:30am. Oh yah, a 2 hour drive to get there. But worth it. I will post the pucks here and in my puck blog in the morning.


  1. hes such a stingey signewr around the igloo.. nice pics no doubt, but I've always thought of it to be disrespectful to sign on the cup, something that most players won't do. I guess Kunitz, Recchi, and Malkin don't care. But Sid WILL NOT! haha. nice blog.

  2. it was a fundraiser so as long as people gave, maybe he was ok. LOL, he did see me drop $20 in the pot when all they were asking for was $5. He was a good guy. I still want that coach puck, still have it?

  3. KC, Assuming the 2 signed photos of Kunitz hoisting the cup are 8 x 10's would you be interested in selling one of them?
    Greensburg, PA

  4. Sorry I don't sell any of my stuff.