Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It All Starts Here....

Every Christmas for a Canadian hockey fan brings a few sure things; Christmas and a Gold Medal for our World Junior Canadian Team. Yes, some good natured "In Your Face" for my Fellow US Bloggers...Today started the Team Canada Development Camp in Saskatoon. The World Juniors are being held there in Dec/Jan this year. Approx 45 of Canada's best junior players are invited to camp in hopes of making the team in a few months. There are two inter squad games this Sat/Sun, Red VS White. Tonight's practice was attended by about 50 people, half being Pro Scouts, the other half being just hockey nuts. It did not appear like there would be any chance at some autographs so I waited patiently. My wife was getting a little edgy until the second group camp out. I reminded her of Jordan Eberle from last years Gold Medal game. Now she was into the practice...We took numerous pictures of both groups. Some notables from Team Red-TJ Brodie, Ryan Ellis and Patrice Cormier;Team White-Jordan Eberle, Brayden Schenn and Evander Kane. We decided a Eberle autograph and lots of pictures would be a great night so we missed Eberle head into the dressing room. I asked of the trainers if he would come out to sign and he said he would ask (the dressing room is actually about 6 feet from the bench) So out came Eberle and signed my Team Canada Practice jersey. I waited around while some other players were playing a version of "Horse" with the goalie. Everyone took a shot and if you did not score, you were out. I glanced and saw Brayden Schenn skate to the bench, I asked if I could bother him for an autograph and he said "Sure." I handed him my Kings jersey, congratulated him on his high draft and he signed it above the logo. I thanked him and off we drove home. In the parking lot, we noticed a van with the plates "SCHENN". My wife laughed and said maybe his grandma told him to be nice to everyone! LOL....He is from Saskatoon....Jersey pics and more practice pics tomorrow.

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