Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dylan Olsen Team Canada Stick Broken

After the game ended, we waited around the bench and I noticed a broken stick. I motioned for the trainer to come over and asked for the stick. He handed it to me and grabbed the top half. I really got excited when I saw a #4, which I thought was T.J Brodie (Flames Pick). It was actually from Team White's Dylan Olsen, 28th pick overall by Chicago last year. Dylan plays for Camrose of the Alberta Junior Hockey League. As we were walking away, a volunteer said "Now you can put it on Ebay." I was a little ticked, I relied, "No, I am keeping it, plus I make enough money I don't need to sell it." He said nothing more....When we were down at ice level later, I asked Brayden Schenn to sign it. It did not work that well, he told me the tape and stick was really wet. So the stick is actually signed about 5 times by Brayden but none really good. LOL! He was awesome though he really tried to sign it. Great kid and a heck of a player!


  1. badass! I love getting sticks! Hockey can't start soon enough!!!!

  2. Thanks dude. When do the Pens go to camp?