Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jordan Eberle Signed Team Canada Jersey IP

This was the last time we would get the chance to see Jordan Eberle play in the WHL or get to see him play for $16.50 instead of $50 at an Oilers game next year. The Saskatoon Blades played the Regina Pats last night a CUC. We arrived early to the rink to see what was going on and quickly went to our seats. We were stocked with pucks and I wore my Team Canada Junior Retro jersey, you know to have on hand. I was waiting for my wife as she bought some popcorn and noticed a Sutter walking towards me. My wife said I looked like a sheepdog as I turned my head and started following him. If you are any kind of a hockey freak or Canadian, you know a Sutter when you see one. I knew it was either Rich or Ron, again if you are hockey freak, you know what that means. I asked him to sign a Team Canada puck and he said, "Sure."
I thanked him and walked off, hmm, we never get skunked. The game began and we just hung out and watched. We live close to Saskatoon but ended up cheering for Regina. We figured out where the Pats would get on the bus so we knew we would have a few chances to get Eberle.
My name was called for something and I thought it was for a Blades signed jersey, stupid me...I ended up in a 'Mad Dash' with pucks for concert tickets, yah let's just say concert tickets.
The third period was coming to a close and I knew we had to get close to the Regina bench. My wife stood close and Eberle walked by twice. The Shaw cable guy was standing on the ice and Eberle was the first star, scoring two goals in the 3-2 victory over the Blades. We knew the game, Eberle would come out for the interview. Sure enough, he came out did his interview and came back to sign for us. My wife got a puck signed for a huge Eberle fan student of hers. He even personalized it. She got another puck signed for herself and I asked for the jersey to get signed. I mentioned that we both volunteered for the World Juniors and we not able to ask for autographs from the players. He smiled and signed the jersey, really taking his time. We both thanked him and headed for the doors. I ran into Jeff Odgers, a 12 year NHL veteran, working as a colour guy for Shaw cable. WE are from same area so I said who I was, remembering I have not seen him in 20 years, and asked about his brother. We chatted for a bit, introduced him to my wife. On the way out the door, there was a Blade standing siging for people. I walked up really not know who that was but thought why not? He signed on Lukas Sutter. I laughed to myself and asked him, "Any relation?"
He smiled and looked up at me, and without answering, I knew the answer. He smiled and said, "Rich is my dad."
We called it a successful night and headed home. Some Timmy's was a nice night cap for the 1hr drive home.


  1. I really enjoy your blog. You're a true fan and it shows in your stories