Monday, March 29, 2010

Here's the Loot

Not a bad nights haul.

Bernie Nicholls Ranger Jersey

Bernie Nicholls Plastic stand

Trottier OPC Rookie

Nicholls OPC Rookie Card

Craig Simpson Oilers Puck, Trottier Islanders Puck
Nicholls Ranger Puck and Jimmy Mann Nordiques Puck

Bob Probert used my silver pen for every fan on the ice during the preskate. The pen ran out before I realized it. Hey Bob made sure every person on the ice before the game received an autograph. Can not knock the guy for that. Great stuff!
Anyways, Dave Ellett Leafs Puck,
Gary Leeman Leafs Puck,
Bob Propert Wings Puck

All the players except Ronning and Anderson, they hate fans....


  1. Pretty good haul. Looks like the guys were ok with signed more than 1 per. Glenn Anderson is a complete douche bag. I can't wait to see your video. He didn't sign a thing for anyone in Kingston. Jimmy Mann was an ass too. How was he there? I just wish the players didn't have the preception that everyone is out to make money on their autos. Some of us just collect.

  2. I am not sure why he's like that. He has signed for me before. He said "hey good work guys as he walked by, totally planned. We knew he'd do that so I did not even have something to sign, I told my wife when to start filming. So he was set up, not bad eh? I am so disgusted with him, I am dumping some of his jerseys from other events, 2 signed Anderson jerseys, 50 bucks, I'll get rich now...he is the biggest jackass of all time

  3. Oh, Jimmy was cool. I had heard he was not too nice but had a neat chat and photo with him.

  4. Again, I had heard Mann was rather mean to people asking for autographs. But he puts a smiley face over his autograph, appears to be such a happy dude.