Sunday, March 21, 2010

1989-90 OPC Wax Break

My wife and I attended an antique show this past weekend. Mostly junk if you ask me but I came across a OPC 89-90 full box of hockey cards. I was interested not because I need any but a chance to pull a Sakic or Fleury RC. I thought for the $3 a pack what the heck. My first pull will not be available to be posted because I laughed and gave them back to the fellow to give to a kid. I wandered around a little and went back to get 1 more. The pack was ripe with old players so I thought another 3 bucks blown, til the last card, a short Calgary Flames rookie name Theoren Fleury. Oh yah! A fun way to spend an afternoon and some neat trinkets along the way.

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