Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saskatchewan Rough Riders IP Durant and Adams

Our local Trade Fair was today. It brought lots of businesses and lots of food for people to take in. Rider faithful lined up early to see the two Riders in person. I had my usual jerseys and two balls to get signed. For $5 towards a local charity, you were first in line with the guys to get a printed pic and autographs. I did something today I have never done with any autograph. I used some Goo Be Gone and cleaned the Durant auto off the ball.
Darian primed the pen and it blobbed on the ball. I was not a happy person so I was tickled when I heard the Riders coming were Marcus 'Chunky' Adams and Darian Durant. The two smiled, took pictures and signed autographs for 2 hours. Marcus played it up for my wife when he noticed her taking pictures.
The Saskatchewan Rough Riders well themselves as community team, meaning the whole province. Some of the guys stay in Saskatchewan in the winter and tour communities speaking to kids. They are always polite and never turn down a request for a picture or autograph.
The ball was resigned by Durant and now Adams and I love the outcome.
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