Sunday, April 11, 2010

Game Time, Flames-Wild

The last regular season game was Lanny McDonald bobble head night so the first 3000 fans through the door received a bobble head and mustache, Lanny, get it? We were 10th in line so we grabbed our bobble heads and looked for our seats. I remembered that the Flames will sign after warm up for those sitting by the tunnel. We got position second from the bar so felt good about our chances. I had nothing to get signed but the tickets. But remember autograph karma? I had my Regehr jersey on and thought well, maybe...The siren came on, the lights went out and the fire started from the scoreboard. That is a great entrance for any team. Out they came walking right by us. Flames fans are great, the people that actually had the seats, let us sit there until game time. Conroy gave pucks to kids, had smile on his face the whole time. Man, I hope he comes back, he's a gem of a player and person. Iggy was the first off and did not sign for anyone. I told the people around who were new and anxious about getting autographs that Conroy would stop. They asked how I knew and I just smiled and said, "That's Conroy." Sure enough, Conroy stopped and signed for everyone, everyone who asked. Even me, he signed my ticket. Please go back and sign my Craig Conroy for Calgary Mayor petition on the right side of the page. He needs to stay in Calgary!
Now, Regehr came off next and started to sign for people. Some very nice people beside us had Flames jerseys and only black sharpies. I gave 3 people my extra silver sharpies to use. Robyn came off and started to sign, I ripped off my jersey holding over the edge hoping he'd see it was his. Sure enough, he signed it. I thought he had signed in black on the red back beside his number, no biggie I thought. I brought it back up and honestly, 5 mins later I realized what he signed.

In the words of Peter Maher, "Yah Baby!"
David Moss came off next and signed my ticket with some other jerseys.
Stajan signed on the other side but I didn't really care I missed him.

We headed back to our seats to watch the game. They showed Lanny on the jumbo tron speaking. We saw where his box was but the Dome is not like Saskatoon, no access to that section from main level. Hmm, oh well...
Colin Patterson, Perry Berezan, Jamie Macoun, and Lanny. Grr...that sucks....

The Flames lost in a shoot out but saluted the fans just after skating off the ice, which I thought was classy. I bought an Adam Pardy game used stick from Fan Attic after the game, I was inches away from Iggy when he gave his stick away.

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