Sunday, December 27, 2009

Steve Tambellini IP

Ok, time for Mr. Tambellini now. A friend said he saw him in the building, I actually never believed him , just thinking he saw who he thought was Tambellini. We walked around thinking we would run into him; the friend even described his suit. We saw nothing and headed back to our seats. My wife laughed and said for me to look behind me, sitting there was Steve Tambellini and another Oiler brass guy. I knew that was not the time to ask so I waited for the second intermission. We could hear what they were talking about, so when the topic turned to the weather, I walked up and over. I asked if I could bother him for an autograph, my usual spiel. He said sure and I presented him with an Oiler puck. The other guys laughed and said something to the effect of, "He even has an Oiler puck, you have to sign that." I said I wanted Jordan to sign it but he signed a Team Canada puck instead for me. He looked at me funny and I said I was not a dealer just a collector. He asked me how many of these I had in my pocket. I said “Two more.” I said again, I was just a collector and the pucks for me. He then looked like he was just giving me a hard time for kicks and giggles. I did say Jordan Eberle looked really good yesterday, 6 points and all. Steve smiled and said, "That's good." I ended the night after my shift looking for broken sticks, getting skunked until I saw a goalie stick against the wall by the dressing rooms. I asked a few people and they said if it just got cleaned up that would be fine. It ended up to be Matthias Mischler of Switzerland. Undrafted so far. More tomorrow....

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