Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Reggie Leach and Fast Freddie

Well today was very unique hounding day. I headed down to the BHP Family Fest to get into some trouble. The Stanley Cup was on display all day, and for a cost of $10, with proceeds going towards the Children's Hospital Foundation, you walk away with an 8X10 print out. As soon as I walked over to the Cup, the line was long so I had to move quick. Jeremy Boyer of the Saskatoon Blades was signing at the First Nations Hockey booth. I had my Blades puck ready and snagged the first. Jim Neilson was standing around visiting so I approached for an autograph on a blank puck. He was very reserved so I just thanked him and stood back. Reggie Leach was introduced seconds later to another fellow so I waited to approach him too. I asked Reggie to sign my #7 and a Bruins puck, explaining I could not find a Flyers puck. I asked him to personalize it and he asked how to spell my name. We chatted for a bit and I then got picture with him. He went so far as to ask one of his friends to take our picture. Reggie rules, I tell you. Flash forward to the official autograph signing, I waited to get to Leach, still following my cardinal rule, "never get greedy", passing on autographs from all the guys again. I asked Leach to take a picture of his Cup ring. He said, "Sure". I did and heard him say something. I said, "Ok", and soon had his cup ring in my hand. He allowed me to put his ring on and he actually took the picture. Yes, Reggie Leach Conn Symthe winner, took this picture.

Next on the agenda was Fast Freddie Sasakamoose. I missed him at the Juno Cup in Prince Albert three years ago so this was kind of cool to finally catch him. I got him on a Team Canada puck, he was curious about the color of the pen. I told him it was silver and he asked where to sign it. I said anywhere on the logo would be fine. He had a real nice slow signature. He laughed and said he liked how that looked and said he should keep that one. If you have ever heard Freddie, you know he's a real card, really funny guy.

Now I had to get over to get my picture with the Stanley Cup. There was about a 10 minute wait and then another hour for the picture print. On my way out the door, Leach was eating some chips standing at the booth. I took my chance and walked over asking him one thing before I left. I asked Reggie Leach; Who was tougher, Bobby Clarke or him? He laughed and said, "Clarke was a (*&*^%". OMG, that was funny, kinda think he was half serious though. Hmm. The Keeper of the Cup, Phil Pritchard was walking around so I chatted with him for abit and got him on a Team Canada puck, he added "Keeper of the Cup" inscription. Christmas is coming soon but I tell you, this feels like Christmas to me aleady.

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