Monday, December 28, 2009

Better day today, Eberle, Kadri, Hamonic, Yzerman (kinda), Della Rovere, Kozun and Jones

Yes, even Stevie Y. Totally fluked this one, walked into a stairwell, looked to my left, Steve Yzerman with someone who looked like Tambellini but moved so quick, could not tell. I looked over and saw him, asked, "Hey man, how are you?" He looked at me and said, "Very good, and you?" I had a 2 second chance in the stairwell to ask him and he probally would have, but it happened so fast, I wanted to make sure I at least spoke to him. He made no secrets he was there, he walked with the rest of the people, but this is Saskatchewan, people saw him and just smiled. He was escorted up the stairs and I think went into the VIP area. People, this is hockey central for the next week. Pics of the goods and some game videos tomorrow.

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