Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Theo Fleury Signed Cards

I just notice this today, have a look at both cards. Theo has been in the new lately and we just found out his book tour will miss Saskatchewan, jumping right over us to Manitoba. That really sucks but I wish Theo well in this next part of his life. I used to hang around with Teddy and played against Travis; both Theo's younger brothers. These two cards were signed one in person and one from Bossa Production last April in Calgary. No big deal eh? But, 89-90 card were signed April of 2009, 90 Upper Deck, signed in 1991. 18 years later Theo has almost the same signature. That's actually amazing considering today's players; Luke Schenn who scribbles a 'L' with #2 and on official items, full signature.

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