Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jersey Updates, Trottier, Stoll and Doughty

I finally was able to finished these jerseys this past month. I got the Stoll and Doughty jerseys pressed on and the Trottier jersey I got Ken Morrow added along with Gerry Hart and then some rookies from their camp. I know what some might think, rookies with some Hall of Fame members, but I actually have 2 other Islander jerseys with these Hall members. I felt I lost the appeal of the jersey when Jimmy Mann signed it last year. He's a great guy but you know what I mean.


  1. Where'd you get the kings autographs? i'd love to know because im a kings fan on the east coast

  2. Jarret has a golf tourney in Sask every year. Raises lots of money for a children's wing of a local hospital. Great guy. They have an autograph session the day before, when he was with the Oilers, lots of Oilers, now with the Kings, we get Kings.