Sunday, October 25, 2009

Card Show Today

While I attended University I had the best job, I sold hockey cards at local shows.  I made around $400-$500 week on average and got to do what I loved.  It was tough getting any kind of loan from the bank after explaining my job.  My autograph season is somewhat over now.  As stated in the opening of my blog, numerous NHL players come to our province during the off season.  With that and the summer charity events, we have had an abundance of opportunities.  Now the NHL season is back and in full gear, I must turn my attention to getting my fix of autographs through the mail and on hockey cards.  There was the first hockey card show today so I decided to see how things have changed.  I remember paying young kids to run around our shows and buy Lindros rookies for $5 bring them to us, and we would buy them for $7 and turn around selling them in minutes for $40. My how times have changed, from large hotel banquets rooms to senior centers on the wrong side of town.  There was only 10 dealers there, they were advertising 40.  There was lots to look at and I keep an eye out for any of the guys I have met in the last few years (Roloson, Stoll etc), Flames and current Islanders. I walked away spending a decent amount of money and 24 jersey cards, and 1 autograph.  Check them out in my Cardville, lots to look through.

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